That fella is so unlucky if he fell in a bucket of nipples he’d come out sucking his thumb.


We were so poor we hadn’t a pot to piss In!


We where so poor that if ya didn’t wake up with a storker on Christmas morning ya had nothing to play with


First up. Best dressed!


… even if they are your sister’s clothes …


Stall on = wait.

Is that still used?


Stall it , when i was young


Stall the ball.


If he’d brain he’d be dangerous …


Stall it


We often be called by the ma ya dirty Arab or ya lazy Arab. Don t think she fought in the North Africa campaign so what she had against them I don t know but it seemed to be a common enough insult among her generation.


I’d say she soon stopped when Omar Sharif came along.


Get that puss of yer face


I know it’s often said as a joke, but honestly, me Da had a shop and was regularly asked how much did 10 penny sweets cost


“Stop the lights”.


The head on yer man and the price of spuds.


I only ever heard it in Dublin, but I assume it was nation wide, it comes from the TV program Quicksilver


Yer man / yer wan has ‘notions’


Ah no @Wifi it was out long before Bunny Carr.


Bunny, in the closet - surely no!