…with a boxing glove on.


Finns and Murrays were very important for the few sweets! (Apologies- wrong thread!)




A newsagents in Fairview across from the park near the Tech sold single ciggies.




Was only thinking of that this morning and was going to post it. Ya gicknaaa a very degrading name to be hit with when growing up.


Up the Gary Glitter (but wouldn’t be using the term now)


Smell O Benjy off ya!


ya shite hawk


Has “gee-bag” been mentioned yet?


I use it all the time! :wink: A Deadner and a nice pair o’ diddies.


On the Season Ticket thread.
Often and justifiably so.


A shop in Mount Brown sold ‘loosers’ and a match for 10 pence.

Simpler times, where you could start to kill yourself at an early age.


Have we had “bleedin’” yet?
Or “is your face hurtin’ ya - because it’s killin’ me”?


Most of the rhyming slang originated in London (e.g. tea leaf). Not “Gemma Hussey” of course, which is definitely indigenous. And I’m not sure about “ass me Swiss” = “ask my Swiss (roll)” = ask my hole, don’t know if Cockneys use hole as slang for arse… any other originals?


When asked where someone is, the answer was, is my face red? No. Well then he’s not up me hole


Where is John ?

Up me hole picking daisies !


Haha we had up me hole picking brown potatoes


Are there no friendly Dublinism that don’t involve body parts?:rofl:


Haven’t heard these for years in pub toilets:
'So this is where all the big knobs hang out"
“Better an empty house than a bad tenant” (said after a rasper of a fart)