Do ye kiss yer Ma with that mouth…


Umbrella feet…as in
SKinny Malink Maloja legs, Umbrella feet…etc


Skinny malink Maloney umbrella feet

Never knew it was melodeon


Then you had the more sanitised version where people tried to avoid taking yer man’s name in vain, so instead said ‘James Street, Francis Street and the Coombe’. Wonder if that was just a Liberties/old Dublin 8 thing?


You will in your hoop


‘Givus a drag’ (cigarette - three pulls was a drag)
The answer to ‘have you a match’? was often ’ yeah, your face and my arse’


If someone was a bit mean with the fags, you’d say they smoke ‘Freemans’ or 'OP’s (other people’s cigs)


He was wearing the face off her.

Although not a Dublinism, once heard in Dublin was something to the effect of:
“He’ll get the treatment in a private hospital as he’s in the HIV”.


Doing a line.
Where are ya goin without a bell on yer boike?


My Dad said James St when he was really browned off. Thought it was just him, 'till I met a woman just recently who said it too & I asked her about it. She said that her whole family said it. James was where the “really” hard cases were sent to (think she meant booze) so it became an accepted substitute expletive for situations that were exceptionally vexing to ones person. Or you just didn’t want to get a thump from the wife for saying “Fcuk.”




That fella would peel an orange in his pocket


I prefer Podge & Rodges version: Fcuk you and the guy you rode in on


Hective instead of hectic


I heard that tale too… and remember the da availing of the lockhards on many a Croker Sunday


and yer knickers ringin’


Teacher I had in Colaiste Ide used to say James’ street all the time. Cant remember his name, but he was the Microsoft database teacher as far as I remember. Wonder if that course still exists with modern technology

Already did this one, it was in this order for us, Seconds(half the cig), thirds (actually qtr of it rather than a third), drag(3 pulls), pull

Might be a loughshinney only thing, but one of me mates used to call them nettles, everytime you took out a box you got stung


Anyone ever buy a loose cigarette?

You’d give someone a drag and they’d give it back wet - jaysus you put a duck’s arse on it …


Ah yea the duck’s arse. There was a lad working in Bobs casino that used to chew the fook out of the but so no one would ask for a drag off him. Rotten


Yeah, Finns in Killester used to sell three cigs and a match. As long as you could prove you were over 7 years of age of course.