Dublin Uachtaran?


So could John Horan become our first Uachtaran since Dr Joseph Stuart nearly sixty years ago? Would be no harm!


Ffs , there would be Armageddon if a Dub got it . Without having anything to back up the arguement I’d be surprised , based purely on where he’s from .


Ever hear of Donald J Trump … :nerd_face:


He did spring to mind but that vote was a two finger salute to the establishment , this would spark all sorts of paranoia for the next few years . If we don’t like what the media says about us now , man it would be unbearable if he was elected . I’m not sure I could handle it tbh :dizzy_face:




A great administrator is John. NaFianna man isn’t he?


He is indeed one of ours.


Maybe the only headmaster ever to hand over a provincial cup to one of his teachers!


Would be a tremendous honour for you guys!


Certainly would but when was the last time there was a Dublin President?


OP has the answer. 60 years ago! Just a smidgen before my time!


The other candidates will just canvas under the slogan “I’m not from Dublin”


As long as he is suitably racist, boorish and misogynistic he should be ok. Start with a campaign to rid Dublin of all GAA migrants… :flushed:


Throw in a hurling wall along the border with Meath.


Sure they wouldn’t know what to do with it…


That wasn’t the point! :slight_smile:


They would be bricking it