Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Give the pass…


Ref acting the bollocks now.


This game has shown me something else. I was involved in coaching an underage squad a few years back. I would say only 50% of them got through to minor. Less to under 21.


This is not over, come on lads


How many wides under absolutely no pressure.


Can’t believe Sean ORian not on. He’s the goal getter for me.




Have hurled more then enough ball to be level


Unforgivable to strike standing still like that. Shocking


Costs us the chance to get back into it too. Game over now


Yup. Very frustrating.


It was over a long time ago


Can’t get goals unless you get the ball down the pitch.

Above everything we have been outfought. That’s the most disappointing thing for me.


For me it’s the skill level . Ours is just abject


McGuirk was out of his depth years ago. He’s deeper out if it now. We are not as bad as that. He should be let nowhere near a senior team.


They made a lot of mistakes too. We just made more.


I’m utterly depressed at our abject striking and non existent first touch. We are absolutely screwed
Mc guirk shouldn’t be even name dropped for the senior job


donal burke is the 1 player who might get a goal and he has been back on the half back/midfield line and taking frees from there for the last 15 minutes. The ball should have been fed to him instead. The team looked a bit small across a lot of lines compared to Kilkenny.


This 60 minutes of moaning had been brought to you courtesy of Dublin hurling.

For a further glut of moaning please see Dublin v Galway thread.

Meanwhile, in the real world maybe we are just not good enough.


A real bad performance. Huge amount of wides. That’s skill level. Nothing to do with mgt