Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Some amount of Galway lads going down with cramp. 2-19 apiece with 57 mins gone


This is a great game. Two good sides really going at it.


3 great scores for Limerick - looking good for them now. 2-22 to 2-19 - 5 extra mins just started


Damn missed it with work


you can watch it on tg4 player,the quality is much better than it used to be .It was a great match and well worth watching especially after the 1st match.


Kilkenny well beaten there today by limerick . Puts our result in perspective now . It was a poor Leinster campaign


Kilkenny now haven’t won the U21 for ten years. For Cork it’s twenty!


Limerick we’re touted as favorites from awhile back I think. Good win for them all the same.


2 in 3 years for limerick



Another outcome of Mr. Cunningham’s glorious reign in the capital city. The team we had available to us was the best team in years on paper as most agreed at the time. We just decided not to play them or lose them.


Imagine if all their underage success could just push on.


Kilkenny’s match against Derry probably did them more harm than good. Limerick were battle hardened after their campaign. You are correct, Leinster was poor but I still think if we had drawn anyone except Kilkenny, we would have improved and had a better shot at it. Also if our seniors did not have to play 3 days after the senior championship, we may have got more out of them.
Limerick were class throughout their campaign! Well done to them.


IMO we lost due decisions made on the line not to play our best and most experienced players.


Bit of a joke that KK team found themselves in an AI final. Extremely mediocre. Even bigger joke that they got to play Derry in an AI semi-final.


Would agree, they were beaten all over the field yesterday.
Only for the 4 or 5 points scored from frees in the second half, it would have been a right hiding. Could that be the end of Eddie’s management career?


That’s the frustrating thing bout this format, straight knock out is a terrible system.


Disagree totally. It serves its purpose. Last thing we need is more IC games. It and the football are the last of the true knockout championships.


Knockout isn’t fair on teams who are in competitions where they aren’t even competitive


Problem is you have teams training upwards of 30-40 times for potentially one match. If the two best teams meet in round one it’s curtains for one of them.