Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Who do you suggest ?


Who was on the line for the under 21. An all Dublin set up? John mcguirk manager but who was with him?


Eoin Roche (Faughs), Paul O’Brien (Crumlin) and Andrew Coffey (Boden)


There simply isn’t we saw that on Wednesday night when our own are in charge .
Is Fortune a Dub ?


chased out of the set up is a poetic licence at best.

Kenny left due to a personal disagreement with Anthony Cunningham.

Cunningham lasted 4 years and got to 2 all ireland finals , drawing one and having to deal with josie harte in the 2nd one. he dealt with the most difficult and dysfunctional co board and club set up in the country and you think he isnt fit to manage Dublin.

based on that post above you havent got a breeze…name me 3 potential dublin natives who would be fit to be selectors to either Galway man much less fit to manage any senior intercounty hurling team… (I am deliberately using dublin natives as I believe Joe Fortune should be the right hand man to whoever is next appointed)

the criteria on appt of the next manager should be knowledge of hurling, track record and vision for 5 years of development of the Dublin senior and u21 hurling teams and if the best candidate is from the Phillipines, Peterswell or Pimlico it should be irrelevant


wexford i think


Agree with that 100%.


Wexford man, but very much has Dublin hurling deep within him.


like most clubs in Dublin having country born lads running or helping run hurling teams at all levels. But unless you were reared singing Noel Purcell Dublin in the rare aul times , some here think that’s not enough


Not Dub enough. He needs to have at least 1 great grandparent with the surname Byrne and at least 1 with a British soldier surname.


Damn i’m not a dub? Say it aint so! :joy:


I was using it to prove a point to the poster that favours him and internal managers by reminding him he isn’t a native either.


i suspected you might be! :yum:


@abc123 until you suggest a Dub that you can actually do the job better than those names that I would personally back, your opinions won’t wash with me

Either put up…


credentials Charles. This is the top level of the game . I thought he did a good job with the 21’s. But the current senior situation is a unique shambles and requires a certain level of experience in my opinion


It is - people skills and communication are going to be key to getting everyone pulling in the same direction again, we can see from results this year what happens when we’re not doing that. Almost as important as team setup and coaching … almost.


Agree to a point but he well work with someone who does. Gilroy/Whelan type situation. Just don’t like the baggage the other Cunningham has whether he was right or wrong. This should all be on senior thread and not here.


My Fantasy Dublin Hurling team- Including long term injuries, exiles & footballers

                                Gary Maguire

Cian O’Callaghan Rory O’Carroll Paul Schutte

Chris Crummey Eoghan O’Donnell Peter Kelly

              Danny Sutcliffe   John McCaffery

Ciaran Kilkenny Diarmuid Connolly Mark Schutte

Con O’Callaghan Liam Rushe Cormac Costello

Some positions questionable positions and players

I.e Kelly wing back & o donnell centre back & Diarmo & ROC being involved.

Some team all the same, wouldn’t be far from an All Ireland


Some team right enough… This is a wee bit sacrilege I know, but I am not 100% sure on Diarmo at this level though. I know he never really got a chance to focus on it, and if he did I am sure he would be very good. But as an U21 with Dublin, he was good but not brilliant. I have seen him be very good at club games too, but also not so good other times.
But it is all academic anyway as it is never going to happen. But a very interesting team…


Yeah Diarmo & ROC are completely notional impossible to tell if they would cut it.

I feel the team above would go a long way in disproving the notion that we don’t produce quality hurlers