Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


That’s one thing I don’t get with are forwards we seem to want to run the ball all the time instead of taking the scores and tapping away at the scoreboard let the ball do the work.


Failed footballers is how a certain Cork man from Vincent’s used to describe hurlers who ran with the ball


There is no doubting the passion (great to see) that exists around Dublin hurling – and the frustration. But I think there has been a lot of unrealistic expectation in recent times. God forbid but sometimes I think it’s like the English soccer or Irish rugby teams.

Yes we won a Leinster and a League - both fantastic achievements – but even in Daly’s time we had no real consistency. With a bit of luck we could have won Liam in 2013 – so could Cork – and they were no great shakes – nor were Clare who did. I cannot recall us beating any Munster team in Championship hurling though I could be wrong.

I played hurling in school and love watching the game and would not profess to have a fraction of the knowledge some lads here have but there are a couple of [amateur] observations I would make in general.

Firstly there is no doubting the impact football has on the game and Cormac, Con and CK are living examples of that. Secondly I often wonder do we coach the natural skill out of our hurlers? I see lads at Feile and even pucking a ball around at PP and they are as wristy as anyone. Do we encourage that – or do we knock it out of them? Maybe it depends on the coaching regime. Thirdly we seem to change our game plan with the wind. There is no style you could really associate with a Dublin team. We seem to mimic whatever is the order of the day. Maybe we should work on this, developing some system that suits the players we are developing – in general terms – not in the sense of producing robotic players and teams. Lastly, I have always lamented our lack of physicality – at all levels. In particular, the simple art of planting your feet in the ground and using your arse and not getting horsed off the ball does not seem to be in our DNA. We very very rarely will win a ball in that scenario and it happens maybe 20 times in a game. And it has been like that forever.

Yes the current situation is a bloody mess but it is not the sole reason for all our ills. A lot of money has been invested and at this time it is not looking like money well spent. It is a huge pity and maybe there is need for a fundamental review of where we are and where we are going. There are far too many good people in Dublin hurling, far too many good players for things to be as bad as they are.


I posted on here last year when your minors beat our minors that the 3 best players on the field were kk players(donnelly adrian mullen and tommy walsh)bringing players through is more important than winning minors or 21s.as posters on here have mentioned dublin dont produce forwards of county standard.we have donnelly mullen and ciaran brennan in the pipeline.your county board have alot to answer for as your die hard supporters deserve better.


Bennett is more than capable of knocking over scores like that.


You’ve obviously forgotten about the throwing away of the winning position v Tipp in the minor semi two years ago. He has form of making switches and using tactics that work against rather than for us.

We used the same rubbish poc out strategy with the same goalie last year in Thurles in the AI semi. So in my view the poc out strategy was left to the goalie which is plain wrong. TG4 commentators couldn’t believe we weren’t hitting poc outs as long as possible in first half. Hurling is a game of territory and pressure. When you a wind behind you you use it as much as possible to play the game as deep in your opponents half as possible.


Limerick in thurles in the qualifiers a few years ago… only about 12 other dubs there though so no surprise if no one remembers :joy:


Good call … I should have said real Champo hurling … :wink:


So… 100% between them?


Down in Kilkenny they don’t rate this team at all. Like Dublin a few of the good players won’t play… A few players having played in Leinster club championship refused to play. Last week they played seniors in a behind closed doors match and were beaten 9-21 to 1-9. This team isn’t rated at all.


I’ll eat my hat if any of those 3 you name end up stars. Kilkenny aren’t producing the geniuses of the past anymore . And there was no geniuses in view tonight
They’ll still win all Ireland’s but far greater infrequency then previous teams

As for us I doubt I’ll ever see us winning a senior all Ireland .
I cannot get over how poor our skills were tonight . It was a perfect evening for hurling too .
Maybe it was tiredness but I think the senior shambles is draining the life out of lads as well. Tonight proved a lot of guys shouldn’t be playing senior hurling as they either aren’t ready for it and in some cases probably not up to it .
Gaelic football unfortunately has just drained away our very best hurlers . Especially the forwards. We are in the absolute shithouse at present and I’d be interested to know what the DCB are going to do about it . Because it’s s crisis .


I thought the players battled well until the end.
Nut poor shot selection especially in the first half cost us in the end.
I thought we finished with a better team than we started with.
Why didnt Cian O Sullivan start??

KK arent great, Wexford will fancy their chances now.

We seemed to have no pattern of play & werent smart enough with possession.
But good to see us fighting till the death.


Tiredness has to play a part, nerves as well. We’ve seen some of these lads play better than that before, so they have it in them, sometimes you just don’t play well. Striking overall improved in the second half ( it was so slow and laboured in the first 20 minutes), if not the decision making. Remember the first match or two the u21 footballers had this year, they didn’t look any great shakes either, sometimes it take a few matches for a team to gel. Unfortunately in straight knock out you dont get that second chance. Fully expect kilkenny to improve in the next match, they were under huge pressure last night, eddie brennan was getting totes emosh afterwards.

It was frustrating to watch as we had enough possession to win that game, or at least keep it a lot closer, but we were very blunt in attack. As someone said above if you add Bennet and Con to that forward line then it would be a different proposition, which again highlights the issues we have - lose one guy to injury and another to football and we have an attrition of options no other top hurling county has.

The attacking issues were not all the forwards fault, playing the ball so wide all the time made life pretty difficult, kilkenny crowded out the middle and some of the wides from central areas with time and space were really very poor - kills a comeback when you hit poor wides.


The wides happen too often for it to be a one off


There’s no denying that. But there are some good players on that team is my point and it wasn’t all forwards hitting the wides.


And he’s 100% spot on. Too much headless running. Too much individual play. Bad coaching.


it was rife last night for sure.


Too much doing things by the book and box ticking goes on at these training sessions. Hurling is a flowing,flair game and any natural flair that a young lad has is being drained out of him the higher he goes up the ladder. Its right in front of our eyes. Lads do courses,get qualifications and work their way into these positions without any senior club experience. Who has magurk managed except kids. I don’t remember any adult club side improving greatly under Fortune. What have these guys got to be even considered eligible for senior county management. I cant believe what I read on here sometimes.
Just like a player should serve his time , any future manager should have to do likewise in the Dublin club scene. That way people can make an informed decision before an appointment. Instead of opening the cheque book ,getting a supposed big name and watching the arse fall out of it again. That was dire last night. Even more so than Sunday because that was the future on show.


Watched it late last night. Can’t understand lads winning the ball, getting into space, then running back into the tackle. I agree @CDG, and not being biased, Seán O’Riain should’ve been on, with him upfront with D Burke & Rian McBride, all strong target men to get goals.
I’m very surprised we backed off a bit in the tackle, one thing about McGuirk, he wasn’t afraid to get lads at Minor to mix it up. Backing off a KK team leads to getting beaten. IMO he should’ve started the lads with 21s experience, and then introduced the younger lads.


A lot were forward wides. When corner forwards can’t score from 50 yards straight in front with a gale behind them …