Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Put Con and Chris Bennett (fit) into that forward line and there may well be a different mood on this forum tonight!


Last year westmeath beat them


Honest enough display from the lads but alas the same shortcomings we see every year with Dublin teams at senior, minor and 21. Far too many wides hit, a fair chunk of which weren’t shots taken at full pressure. And far too much space given to good opponents. Men supporting off the ball killing us while 3 Dublin men hunt down the man in possesion or are ball watching.

We’re not miles off in ability or hurlng talent. If we can solve those 2 issues we’ll be close.


1 up lads 2 to go 17s and 18s.kk written off last year senior 21s and minor alll written off.gerrys we havent gone away comes to mind.


Last year Leicester won the Premiership …


My fear is with a Craibh chairman we’ll end up with Mc Guirk at senior level


But at underage that’s not true. We beat them regularly. Or beat the teams that beat them.

It is amazing just how many final year U21s seem to have been ignored. A staggering amount of last year’s minors saw action tonight. That was never likely to end well.


And Dublin won the u21 Leinster final.


Very true. This us why I said what I said about our County Board Chairman. McGuirk should be let no where near the senior team. Stanley may be committed but for Jesus sake? We could have beaten Kk tonight but you can almost smell a lack from the whole thing.


Has mcGuirk ever coached a senior club championship side.


I think the problem you have is what club both Shanley and Mcguirk come from not who they are.


My problem is the link. I would not be a fan of either. Many on here are.


You’ll do well to find many in here who are fans of Craobh :smiley:

McGuirk hasn’t been involved with CC for years anyway!


Written off by who exactly???


Posts deleted

Lads less of the childish abuse.


Good question. The idea that anyone who knows anything about hurling would be writing of KK smacks of a bit of a persecution complex. Methinks they are a little worried now that they are not all conquering anymore :smiley:


Very annoyed after that match. Both teams very even except kk were better at taking their scores.

Others have been saying it that we don’t create top class forwards and that was on show today with some very poor widespread and poor option selection.

Thought the backs did very well. Both teams very physical.


Look at the 2 points there no. 24 knocked over, what we would give for a similar forward


Goes back to a point I made in the other thread. Our forwards run with the ball every time. Donnelly scored those 2 cracking points taking a total of 4 steps. Corks tony o Sullivan was a master of it.


A certain Dublin footballing genius’ father, a Kilkenny man, believes Dublin players’ continual refusal to lay off quick ball/carrying the ball contsantly into contact to be the greatest scourge in Dublin’s (all teams) game