Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017




Very easy to critisize a manager when beaten.


That was beyond belief tonight . If that’s a glimpse of the future . We can close the curtains


Hey we reserve the right to bitch and moan.

Don’t mind losing to a better team but very frustrating when you shout yourselves in the foot over and over.

Well done to Kilkenny, they’ll need to improve from that to go far but game might bring them on,


They were definitely hungrier. But I suppose loosing to westmeath last year can make you hungrier.
I imagine Eddie brennan had that we’ll drilled into them I suppose his managerial reputation was on the line.


Hard to disagree with your 3rd sentence. Very disappointing was expecting more from this team.


Hendrick mcbride the only to players who stood out for me. The rest well didn’t happen for them


Yes. That’s the problem. And we’d like something done about it. It’s not as if the problems aren’t glaringly obvious.So how come they are not being fixed?


Thought Malone had some good moments, but more of a midfielder.


I wouldn’t have him within 500 miles of that team that he was involved with today. Many lads on here who have been around for a while would agree with me. Listening to Lynn’s dreadful Irish was the icing on the cake!


Ye jake did well actually


We were unlucky to get Kilkenny in the 1st round. I think if we had an easier 1st round and won, we may have settled a bit. The team just did not seem to click at all.


Really and why is that ?


Had enough pocession in second half to pull it back but taking far too much out of the ball before letting go


Will ya stop - we’d never beat that Kilkenny team. They were miles better then us at minor level and they still are at u21.


Couple of half chances for goal if we’d looked up sooner.

Ah well.


Why is what?


Why wouldn’t you have him anywere near that team today


No it’s not. I didn’t see the game but this is typical of how the last couple of years went with him. Joe Fortune was wanted by the players, most of the co board and was then taken out of the job by Cunningham and a few others. That has been stated here before and it’s true. People on here who know what they are talking about will qualify it for you and others. If you want to know why ask the dogs in the street. Sean o Rian left on the bench? He was our most dangerous forward for goals last year and he brings his son on, again. I Havnt seen the game but I will later but it’s sad that such a good team of players have fallen like this. Mccallion, Sean gray, Oliver ,bennett and others not even wanting to play? Mcguirk joined Ger’s team, he should go with him. He was brought in to be the link. He hasn’t kept any more playing then Ger would have. This time last year we were coming back up the road (wasn’t working) after beating Wexford in Wex park.


In fairness there is a sizeable difference in beating Wexford and beating Kilkenny