Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Thanks. Well if we can get over Carlow we will have lots of options after the leaving cert is over!


It’s actually not near as strong a team as it could be. Burke, Gannon, Whitely and Curry at a minimum are missing. I am actually getting a little worried as it gets nearer. The Laois win was convincing enough in the end, but half way through the second half it didn’t look so great. They were playing very well, but not getting the scores and now we are missing the two biggest forward threats from the last day, Gannon and Curry.


I think people forget Conor McHugh was a hurler too but he hasn’t even been in the program the first 2 games for Na Fianna in the Dublin SHC because they have such a strong panel.


And he was a very good one. Maybe he isn’t hurling at all now?


Never really looked like loosing because they were poor but we definitely took the foot off the gas in the 3rd quarter.


So important to get over this evening.


He came on last year versus crokes i think it was. Caught a great ball too but you could tell he was very rusty. A pity all the lads we seem to loose are all ball winners.


Currie is a loss but without sounding cocky we should be beating the likes of Carlow. Especially after producing a few decent minor teams over last few years.plan A the last day seemed to be get the ball into Currie itll be interesting to see what plan B will be tonight. We really need a few of these lads to make it through. Currie would add a completely different element to our attack at senior level if he continues with his progress. Weve produced a number of really outstanding backs at senior level recently we need a few forwards and midfielders too now at this stage. Glad in a way Donal Burke has some sort of rest at senior level now… he has the skill and hands to be a real threat in full forward line just needs another year or 2 to build up the strenght to ride a tackle.


Could be to get the ball to the other Currie!


Hopefully hes a little more clinical tonight.


Played on the Na Fianna 2nd Team in B Championship this year.


OK well that just shows how strong the Na Fianna panel is at the moment.


He’s playing champ with Na Fiannas second team, him and Sean Currie in the corners.


Going well here. 6 up at ht. On top in most positions.


How is the full back line doing with the three Northsiders (Clontarf, Swords, Portmarnock)?


Doing v well. But Smith taken off early as he was on a card and a warning


Thanks for update, how did it finish?


18 point win. Rattled in four goals in second half. Carlow not able for the power and pace ( and skill) of our lads.




That’s mad. Tonight was only the second round. So we have to win five games to win Leinster? Crazy! And we’ll have three games played before we play a team that won’t have played at all.

The GAA just cannot get competitions right.