Dublin U21 Hurling 2018




Some of today was really really good. There were spells where everything worked and the interplay and the aggressiveness all just came together. There were other spells that were a little disjointed, but some of that was down to Laois tactics and some just down to be being well ahead.

Everyone played well to a greater or lesser extent. Gannon at 11 was especially effective, as was Burke at 6. The guys who have played senior all did well. Conroy was especially good I thought.

Laois played with a very definite seeeper in the second half and that seemed to confuse us a bit. The ball into either Currie was a little less effective for a while.

I not 100% sure where Hayes was playing for us. He was good, and spent time at FF, but he seemed to spend a lot of time out the field also.This meant that at times in the second half we seemed to lack bodies in the ff line.

We turned over and won ball we had no right to at times. There was great blocking and little flicks to create turnovers and we seemed athletically superior to Laois in most positions. If I had a criticism it is that 3 or 4 time we tried striking the ball when there was very little chance of getting the shot away. This was in front of goal, and out the field.

The other thing that went wrong was the free taking, and it went horribly wrong. Currie missed a couple so Dowling took over and that didn’t really work out. We probably missed 6 or 7 storable ones…

But this is some team, the best I have seen in a Dublin jersey I think.


Thanks for the write up Wifi - any of the forwards big ball winning HFs by any chance? Dowling from lucan got 3/4 scores? Crummy we know, Whats the story with Gannon, did someone say he’s a minor?


Gannon is one for the future, still only 17. He was excellent. Great to see Conroy back to his best as he has had a lot of injuries.

I wouldn’t agree about the Senior players though. I thought Whitely, Hayes, Crummy and Gray will have better days and in that there’s a positive.

Likely to progress to a semi final v Wexford with Kilkenny and Galway in the other one so it’ll take a huge effort to win Leinster.


Dowling has potential very quick but not finished article yet. The younger currie has brilliant potential…good in the air… scores goals…protects the ball brilliantly and rarely wastes anything. Gannon has a bitta potential hes quick and decent in the air. Only critisisms was our half backs tapping the ball down instead of catching and a lack of a free taker which will matter against the cats. Ryan was good when he came on. Senior players were quiet enough.


So Gannon is on the u21 but not the minor panel?


as it is under 17 now maybe gannon is to old


Hes u18 but minor is now u17


Ah okay, thought someone’s said he was u17. Makes more sense.


I thought Gannon was very good, the best of the half forwards in my opinion. I would slightly disagree with @jimmy1 on Whitley, I thought he was good. He is sort of unorthodox and not terribly stylish, but he is effective. I thought him and McGurk controlled midfield.

I guess our big ball winning half forward was playing wing half back (Conroy). As it was I don’t think we caught anything clean in the half forward line but Perry was going a little shorter with the puck outs (and doing very well finding his man).

As regards half backs breaking the ball down (@petergriffin ), to me this seems to be a particularly Dublin thing and deliberately trained into them. There is a theory that you can break the ball down to your other hand, (it actually happened once today), but it seems to be a theory designed on paper and not on a hurling field - I hate it. In recent senior games I have seen guys lose easy ball because they don’t catch it. Whatever coaching manual it is in, it needs to be thrown out. It was a fad in the coaching world, but it seems to have gained more traction in Dublin then anywhere else.


Erins Isle really f**ked up losing him to Whitehall


Last years u17s nearly won the AI, there must be a host of other good lads on it too. But Gannon was v impressive, I can’t believe he is so young.


Dublin’s u17s final team last year


SCORERS– Cork: D Connery 0-6 (0-5f), Colin O’Brien 0-5 (0-3f), D Hanlon 0-3, J Stack 1-0, B Murphy, O McCarthy 0-2 each, Cormac O’Brien 0-1. Dublin: L Murphy 0-7 (0-7f), E Gibbons 1-1 (1-1 pens), B Ryan, L Gannon 0-2 each, E O’Donnell, T Aherne, M Murphy (’65’), M Grogan, K Kirwan 0-1 each.

DUBLIN: E Gibbons; A Dunphy, K Burke, T Kinnane; L Gannon, E O’Donnell, S Kinsella; T Aherne, M Murphy; K Kirwan, B Ryan, M Grogan; L McDwyer, L Murphy, K Desmond. Subs: S Clerkin for Desmond (44), L Dunne for M Murphy (52), M Sweeney for Kirwan (54).


The game was over pretty much and we eased off them. Bigger tests lie ahead but there is a good balance to the team. Few stars bar the younger currie but loads of lads with potential if they got the right coaching. Strong full backlime. Smyth reminds me of a young tomas brady. Centre back and centre forward will get a lot more strenuous tests as the campaign heats up. Hopefully they are up to it.


Section A: Carlow, Dublin, Laois & Ulster (Antrim)

Round 1

  1. Ulster v Carlow 26.5.2018 Parnell Park 2.00pm
  2. Laois v Dublin 26.5.2018 O’Moore Park, Portlaoise 2.00pm

Round 2

  1. 1 v 2 6.6.2018 TBC

Who are we playing this week & where?


Okay so it is Carlow:



Its penciled in for 6-6-18, next wednesday, and venue to be confirmed


Probably portlaoise or nowlan park?


Pity, if Antrim had held out in normal time it was due to be played up here beside me. Hopefully it’s Portlaoise. It’s a little easier to get to.

I am a little excited by this team. They won’t be beaten easily by anyone…


Game v Carlow being played in Carlow. The Leinster GAA website says neutral venues unless otherwise agreed. So I guess Dublin must have agreed to go to Carlow.