Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Some team… I don’t think we have ever had a 21 team with so many seniors on it. Mind you we never had a senior team like the few years with so many young lads on it - so I guess this is inevitable…


Are the two Curries brothers?


They’re both Nafinna and only a year or two in age difference so assumed they’re brothers.


They are.


This is the best u21 team I can remember. The grouping of ages have worked out for us for once. Often we have real good guys just gone out of U21 or good guys still a bit young for it. But these lads are mainly in the last two years of it and have all pricvef themselves good at minor, or even senior. I am not saying we are going to win an All Ireland or anything, but we have as good a chance as any of the top counties, and better then some.


If we can get O’sullivan and Burke fit then it’s a really serious team. Dont know what this Laois team are ike, have had a few decent minor teams recently?


Paddy Smyth has now become Patrick Smyth ok

Eoghan Conroy played as a half-forward last year whereas Lee Gannon played as a half-back

Daire Gray in midfield and Fergal Whitely as a forward is what I’d expect to see as they line out.

First game out of minor for Conor Burke and Cian Hendricken. It will be interesting to see how they do.

Surprised not to see Cian O’Sullivan named in the side.


O Sullivan carrying an injury I would assume. I would also see Conroy as a forward, but it’s mentioned above he plays as a half back at club level. Also, two years ago the 21s played him as a half back when they got to the AI semi I think. Long term though, I think he is a wing half forward or full forward at county level.


That’s what we need the most.


I just remember Conroy playing at 10 against Kilkenny for Dub u-21’s last year so I assumed he was a forward as well for Maurs. Thanks for the info.


Conor Burke played on this team last year and Cian Hendricken has played for the last two years (won a Leinster medal in 16). Both have also featured for the seniors already

As a side note, anyone know who the captain is?


This is last years team, there is more over lap then I thought, eight still underage this year I think. But these guys are a year older now. They were good last year, but unlucky to get Kilkenny the first day out

  1. Jonathan Treacy (Na Fianna)

  2. Daire Gray (Whitehall Colmcille)

  3. Shane Barrett (Na Fianna)

  4. Jack O’Neill (St Brigid’s)

  5. Cian Hendricken (Naomh Mearnóg)

  6. Jake Malone (Cuala)

  7. Paul O’Dea (Na Fianna)

  8. Brian Bolger (St Vincent’s)

  9. Donal Burke (Na Fianna)

  10. Eoghan Conroy (St Maur’s)

  11. Fergal Whitely (Kilmacud Crokes)

  12. Conor Burke (St Vincent’s)

  13. Colin Currie (Na Fianna)

  14. Rian McBride (St Vincent’s)

  15. Pól Crummey (Lucan Sarsfields)


Oh, Conor Burke played forward too.


Conor Burke seems to get a few scores when played as a forward, but there’s a lot of options in the forwards this year.


I’ve heard joint captains, Conor Burke and Donal Burke.

Some pretty good subs to bring in too. Cillian Costello, Donal Burke, Eoghan Dunne, Cian o Sullivan and Conor Ryan. All obviously not fit but good options going forward.


I agree, corner forward with Vincents, half forward in his last minor year with Dublin. But he is a big strong lad, so half back should be fine for him.


Personally speaking I haven’t been this confident about a handy win at U21 level since, hmmm, the Carlow game in 2013…


Was going to head up to this but the train is booked out.


That’s a pity… You would have had no bother getting a seat at the game though! Tiny crowd


not sure why the train is so busy - cork v tipp on the football? … hardly.