Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Yes. Losing Leinster play Munster winner in All Ireland semi.


Interesting, needed two bites of the cherry at this level imho. Ulster semi-final gone so?


Antrim are in Leinster as are Galway.


Oh! … makes sense.


Any one brave enough to have a go at naming a starting 15 for Saturday?


Suspect it will feature a good few from the 2015 minor team named above. Add to that Currie(s), billy Ryan and Hayes and there’s a good few options there.


It’s a very strange draw though. We have to play four games to reach an AI semi whereas Kilkenny only have to play one.

I think it’s good for us, but it’s strange.


Agreed (said as much above). All very strange. I think the GAA uses a random competition generator app on someone’s phone.


is mathew oliver still playing hurling played really in the2015 leinster final


He’s in college in Edinburgh I think


No team named yet?



No Cian O Sullivan ? Is he injured I wonder ?


@Hubie is Lee the only lad starting who is officially still a minor?


Conor Burke and Conroy as HBs is a bit of a surprise … we’re playing 9 forwards.

Great to see both Curries starting - serious looking ff line. Pity Cian O’sullivan and Donal Burke are out, hopefully both back for the next round (assuming we get to the next round).

Coffey missing as well, injured or did someone say he is doing his leaving this year?


Yeah Lee only starter, might have a couple in the subs, Andy Dunphy & Tom Ahearne doing well.


Conroy does most of his hurling for Maurs in the hb line


I was unaware of that (clearly).


Very impressed with that team considering some off the players that’s are missing likes off Donal Burke, Eoin skelly, Conor Ryan, cian o Sullivan Donnacha Butler and cillian Costello that’s just to name a few very strong squad


Very strong lineup. Forwards look very dangerous and that’s without the obvious absentees. Draw this year for a change is very good so I’d expect this team to be in an All Ireland semi minimum which will be great exposure for the players.