Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Westmeath and Antrim had teams last year as well I think. Good to see both going well.


Dublin got to the U17 AI final two years ago and only lost to Cork by a point or two, these guys would be U19 now, so only a year off peak U20. In the same year the U18 team only lost the AI semi to Cork by a few points. Also last years minors (U17) won Leinster. So of the three ages at Under 20 (U18, U19 and U20), all the corresponding minor teams were strong. So it should be a decent year.

It is a pity about losing the stronger guys who would have been U21, but most likely other teams have similar losses.


Dublin north 1-16 Dublin south 1-11 , Dublin north progress , defences on top for both teams , pitch in a terrible state


Where was it played @Damothedub


Northside has the upper hand again it seems, not too long ago there was a certain slightly controversial poster announcing the death knell of underage hurling on the northside.




It’s easy to forget that the northside has twice as many clubs!


Played in o Toole park last two meetings previous years were the north also won were payed in Parnell Park, I believe south thought they have a better chance away from PP , in truth North were very good for their win but will have to up it to trouble the Kilkenny boys if they hope to retain Leinster title


Yeah, but most of them are far less than half the size of a certain two or three clubs.


The jury is out whether that’s a good or a bad thing in terms of producing a volume of players for county sides.