Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Tipp very cynical trying to take out cork players every chance


You must have also missed the memo :thinking::joy:


They’re diving too!


Some performance from tipp. Huge turnaround from the Munster final


Three goal chances by Cork wasted trying to pick up a ball instead of pulling on it…


Mad game. Fair play to Tipp.


Some finish


In keeping with virtually every hurling game this year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It just gets better & better :grinning::unamused:


Great excitement at the finish. Fair play Tipp, although the last goal was very preventable but thems are the breaks


Some win, some comeback by Tipp. Cork a brillant team but Tipp teally set about their work and knew what needed to be done.


The cynicism ???


I throw up a little with all this chatter about hurling…


Great game. Great endeavour. Fair play to Tipp. Well deserved. The game was enhanced for me by Brian Tyres commentary. Brilliant. Some year for hurling.


EXCiting but some very sloppy play, I know conditions were wet and all but some of them looked very nervous. Sean Ogs prediction of this cork bunch dominating senior for years looks a bit off now!


Wouldn’t be like Cork to get carried away with themselves.

Wonder how many of this Tipp team will feature next year for the seniors. They will be a dark horse (is it still ok to use that phrase?) next year I’d imagine


They’ve been bottling it the last couple of years .
Strange considering they think , or should i say , believe , they are greatest hurling county in ireland .


Gutted. We might as well do away with the rules at this stage the fouling and delibrate taking out if cork players off the ball today had to be seen.

Always hard playing someone you hammered again and i felt some players were to poor on the day but overall i feel theres more to get from that cork team than tipp will get to look to have it to play senior.


Tipp have been too nice for too long. Liam cahill footprint all over this team. Next senior manager. Minor and u21 all Ireland s with teams not expecting to win.


Smyth and Currie (Colin) get nominated for u21 team of the year.