Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Assumed that was the case, missed bits of it. I’d have brought him out the field

Edit: Was the other Reck, Damien is out the field from the off. Too many beers last night.


This is a savaging at this stage and there’s still 25 minutes left.


Wexford very toothless


With the players we had available losing to that Wexford team was a desperate result. I know O Connor is a massive loss for them but once down they are very poor. They had a very good performance vs Galway but this is woeful. CORK’s all Ireland if they can stay grounded, Dalton injury however is a big blow.


Cork looked very impressive, why is dalton not starting for their seniors? Into their first final since 1998 :astonished:


They are coming back as a force that’s for sure


Sure are. They are starting to do things at underage and they also have that brand new stadium they share with the soccer people.


For a county with as much hurling as cork, to not reach an u21 final in 20 years is shocking.


Or a football county winning just one in 33 years …


Ha! True!


Dalton looked unreal…

But their recent success puts that huge whinge by Donal Óg on the Sunday Game last year (or the year before) in perspective. The one where he castigated the County Board for building stadiums and not investing in coaching etc. Another example of The Sunday Games being used as a soap box for guys to pursue their personal grievances.


He was very good and would help harnedy out with the aul’ball winning etc.


Great win for Tipperary tonight. Should make for a good final. All Munster final.


Cork in real trouble here tipp lead: 1-5 to 0-01 after 15 minutes


Comeback is on! 1-05 to 0-06


One point game, tipp forwards have disappeared


Goal cwark


Crazy how a cynical foul is penalised by a yellow card in one code but a black in the other, #Dillon Quirke #7


1-8 to 0-2 since the Tipp penalty. Some collapse!


Have you not heard? There’s no cynicism in hurling :roll_eyes: