Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


With minor going to u17 a few lads have had their underage careers cut short.


I think the older Currie is good at getting onto ball into space, if it is out onto the wing he will win the race for it. He was very good last year at u21 against KK doing this. The younger one seems an even more exciting prospect, but personally I haven’t seen a lot of him. He did show very well versus Laois in the first u21 game this year though.

Burke fascinates me to be honest. There are games where he does nothing at all. In a senior county league game this year I counted he only had 6 touches. But then he scores points like he scored in the first half this week and I am thinking he is the future of Dublin hurling. I think he has to play in the full forward line and I think he needs to increase his athleticism. But he is a serious talent.

I don’t know if Cian O Sullivan was coming off an injury or something this year. I thought he was an outstanding prospect for corner forward, he has speed to burn. But it didn’t seem to happen for him at u21 this year.

Is Paul Crummy a senior prospect for next year? He did some very good things at u21 level.


I think Cian missed most of the early part of the year with injury.


Terrible decision by the heads off the gaa


Beheading is a bit much!


Is it confirmed this is moving to U20 next year. ??



Cheers - sensible


U20 is going big to clash a lot with the leaving cert. it needs an exam gap if it’s going no to happen


DOnt really see the point of the change tbh.


Under 20 most lads be done with leaving cert no ?

Too big a gap from under 17 to under 21 I think


I’d imagine the gap is so that any under 20s playing senior cant play. Means they can run it simultaneously. Good idea in my view. Lads playing Senior and Under 21 in same week just a bit much at this level, doesn’t happen in other sports.


Cork tearing tipp a new one. Some big Men on that cork team. Tipp very wasteful but not able for the physicality of cork, will have to rethink at HT, quick.



Wexford beating Galway by 2 at ht in Leinster final. Maybe we got the hard side of the draw after all!


Tipp are woeful though, Cork have an incredible amount of room in the forwards.


Brutal in the forwards as well. Any chance tg4 will swap to wex v gal at halftime?


2-12 to 0-06 … Jaysus



Turned it off after the second goal. One way traffic