Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Burke really is a key talent. He scored points in the first half he had no right to score. But I would worry a little about him at senior. He needs to either get faster or stronger, unfortunately skill alone isn’t enough these days.


Excellent piece @Tayto.


Pat said in his season round up that maybe it was no harm to have the summer off, lads could go back to their clubs and it’s be A chance for some to develop physically with gun programs. I got the feeling Donal was one of those. Hugely skillful, can win a ball, just fill out a big and he can become a serious senior player.


That’s the problem with Dublin hurling actually, not enough gun programs :grinning:.


Ah here … it’s the GAA … not the feckin NRA!


Ha. Too much of the trump thread for me! :roll_eyes:


The older currie is a good finisher mainly of points but i wonder is he able to win his own ball. The younger currie can win his own ball and goes for goal if there is a sniff of it being on…needs to be on senior panel next year to add to that arsenal. Burke in full forward line at senior level next year is an exciting prospect.


The lads are going to work on their guns! :muscle:


Ive high hopes for senior next season to be competitive. I dont think the players we are producing at underage are as good as what is being produced in kilkenny galway or 5 munster counties. We havent beaten anything in munster or galway in the last 6 years and we have beaten kilkenny once it being a last minute goal. We got to all ireland semi finals beating no one of real note. We arent far off but we need to beat some of these at underage soon enough.


Our record v munster teams is very poor but we only ever play the best of Munster (finalists) on any given year, if we get that far. So it’s not like we’re playing average munster teams. If we were in munster we’d have beaten a few of them over the last 5 years.


Thats true but never beaten galway…only beaten kilkenny once. I think we need to push on a bit is all im saying. Getting to all ireland semi final means nothing unless we win one or 2. Lets hope we do. We are still producing good hurlers but cant beat a bit of silverware to keep lads hurling.


Ah yea, agree 100%, need to push on but we have lost some close one v top teams. Last years u17 got to the final. need a good bunch but also a management team who don’t automatically play sweeper when up against the big boys and luck with injuries as well.


Davy keogh last years minor captain started mid against Carlow but then never made the panel for the next two games, seems strange. A great prospect. Hopefully will see more of him next year.


We had Tipp on the rack in the All Ireland minor semi final three years ago. Once we got into the lead we withdrew players into Defence and ended up losing. Management had a lot to answer for that day.


That’s the match I was thinking of.


True. A lot of it is down to belief aswell i suppose. We always seem to place with gusto and belief against kilkenny because we have beaten them in the past. We seem to freeze against tipp galways etc because we havent hit that milestone. We need an underage all ireland for that belief and confidence to filter into players minds. Look at galway at senior and how relaxed they seem this year because the monkey of an all ireland win is off their back.


They are all still involved are they not apart from Johnny M?


suggests injury?


There were a few like this. Panel and team seemed to change a lot which happens I guess with injuries and form etc.


Davy started first day out cause of a few injuries to other players, very good player he will give it a good shot next year just a pity this competition goes to U20 next year.