Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Okay Alan you’re right I’m wrong


With the greatest respect, there is absolutely no way this can be used as an argument. This should be a management’s dream rather than a hindrance. It is the responsibility of the manager to get the most out of the players at his disposal.

For someone who bigged this team up to be one of our greatest u21 teams in memory, I’m quite surprised with your reaction to the result, surely its a massive underachievement given how good the team supposedly is?

I think its very possible this team was made out to be stronger than it is. Same at minor too. They never showed me anything near what they were expected. They weren’t far off losing to Westmeath it has to be remembered


I think you’re missing the point of a discussion forum.


He scored 2-6 great he did have a good game, who’s to say Sean wouldn’t have scored 3-10.


He might have done. But he could have done it instead of Hayes or Dowling, neither of whom offered anything last night. Rather than instead of our best forward on the night by a mile.


Ideally we’d have had two Curries starting. they are both quality forwards.


Too much talent can be a problem, not an excuse, but a problem.

Absolutely I bigged the team up, hence I am very disappointed they lost as I think they could have gone far. But other then that I don’t really no what to say. I don’t know if it was an under achievement or not, Wexford also looked very strong. If it was an under achievement, then that’s what it was.

But yes, I am disappointed in the result, I didn’t expect it, but I didn’t expect a gimme from Wexford either. But I would have picked more or less the same team, so there is no point ranting against management. We lost, sometimes you just have to suck it up…

The one thing I would have changed though, as the lads above mention, is the free taking. It has been a big problem in every game and it didn’t seem the players knew who should be on each free as there was discussion before a lot of frees. Burke, our senior fee taker for a lot of games didn’t seem to want them at all. Gray was a free taker of note at minor level too.

Just on minor - did this team not reach an AI semi? I am not sure what you were expecting, but that’s not too shabby.


Got to an all ireland semi final but didn’t win Leinster and only had to beat Antrim to get to the semi so wouldn’t say it was a bad year at all but it wasn’t overly difficult to get that far I’d argue


Bringing on Sean Currie with only 5 minutes to go is madness in my opinion. Were they watching any minor matches last year? Sean put up huge scores in every match.


I think he got longer then that but yea, we didn’t score for something like 20 minutes in the second half, now maybe we weren’t getting the ball into the forwards so it may not have made any difference but he is a marquee forward.


He didn’t get much longer and he was around midfield/half forward when he came on. We were six down and playing two men inside when he came on. While the players were overrun to an extent management didn’t help with some of their decisions.


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First things first - facts. Currie did not as per Alan score 2-4 from play, it was 2-2.

Second things second - opinions. Currie is without question one of the best six forwards in Dublin. He was mixed last night but you can’t argue with 2-2 from play - while I thought first goal was a keeper mistake, second showed a brilliant eye for a chance.

I would have played his brother but don’t know the back story with exams.

The one positive was Donal Burke in first half when he was outstanding .

The talk of at least we’ll get , or have got, a few seniors off it is misplaced. The senior panellists who played last night were largely anonymous. At under 21.

Someone asked what were we missing earlier? Simple, and we hate hearing it, was skill (touch and striking). If we had gone short with puck outs, I’m pretty sure ball would have been fumbled, messed around with. Wexford were far better than us even though we led by about 6 having played into the wind. We went mad when Cyril Farrell accused us of not producing enough wristy hurlers. He was absolutely correct imo.

I see Burke, Smyth and Currie Jr as prospects to be good IC seniors off this panel. All the others including senior players have not convinced me. Hope I’m wrong.


I could be incorrect here but by my reckoning we have 1 leinster at minor and 1 u21 leinster in the last 6 years. With the only time we beat kilkenny being a last minute goal in 2016 at minor. Are we underachieving i think so. However i think some of the players who played last night have big potential. Donal burke did some brilliant ball winning(exactly the type of player we need to produce). Sean currie should have started in full forward line he can win ball high and low and create things from nothing…it would have hugely increased our options and the type of ball that our backs could have put in. I thought wexford played with a bit more hunger and were a bit braver putting up their hands etc. Wexford are pretty good and have more “star” quality players than us…good an aul as this team may be. We have talked about the need for a free taker who scores over 90 percent of frees. Wexford had it we didnt(no fault to colin Currie he played well), definitely a neglected skill. Free taking, penalty taking, ball winning from puckouts and even sidelines are basic skills that dublin at all levels need to work on. If we want to get to the next level we have to up our consistency in these aspects of the game they are worth 5 or 6 points a game collectively. Wexford were pretty good…the subs they brought onwere excellent and all added signifigantly to the display. I hope they go on now and beat Galway. We will get a number of guys from this team who will further develop into good senior hurlers with the right coaching.


Agree with all of that


Apologies for my maths.

Agree with the rest.

I do think this team has underachieved.


They probably have underachieved, but that is better then having a team who have no potential to achieve.

It will be interesting to see who steps up to senior next year. From the ones that haven’t really featured yet, probably Crummy (he has a little with Walsh Cup) and Currie are possibly the two most immediate possibility. Conroy, Burke, Whitely, Smith, Hayes etc need to continue to impress.

Currie is the type we are missing though at senior, it would be interesting to see him feed off Rushe. The younger Currie is maybe a bit young yet.


i often wonder are we a bit harsh on Dublin teams though - if our skill levels were that far off, we wouldn’t have the success we do have at various age groups and levels. for example, Cuala double champions, Dublin north winning Leinster colleges this year, and the minors just being pipped by a hotly fancied kilkenny in injury time.

in any given match teams will have skill failures, look at tipp this year, at times they were so off the pace and rusty looking that if they were a Dublin team the wristy criticism would surely have been trotted out. Every team can have an off day.

Other Times you are outfought and outplayed on the day, that doesn’t have to mean there are fundamental issues with our hurling. Look at Waterford, sublime v tipp, poor in other games. Or limerick, untill Sunday they looked great, on Sunday they looked very average.

Maybe I’m just being overly positive or naive, for sure there are times when we shoot wide after wide or when our backs fumble a ball but other teams do it as well eg: Galway and Kilkenny gave a great exhibition of wides yesterday evening, especially in the first half.

I had really high hope for this year because so many had senior experience and a good few of them had shown glimpses at senior that they’d have something to offer - so thought that they would do well at this level, but then the standard at u21 is pretty high generally. Thought if we went on a run it’d help a few of these lads make the step up to senior.