Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


The hurling is staying u21 asaik


Ok, thanks. Strange really that it wouldn’t conform. I have fallen out of love with the 21s grade the last couple of years because of the dictatorship of managements not releasing players to train or play particular games with their clubs for 8 months. Start training in December for a one-off game in June, would love a club manager to stand up and say no, and ask for the rule or writing which gives the county manager the right to ownership of the players.


The whole idea of training 50+ times for one knockout game is nuts. That those managers could stop lads playing club games during that period is beyond comprehension.


Club managers should stand up. But so should county officers. The rules are there. They should be enforced.


It does. Was decided recently


Match vs Offaly tomorrow in DCU @ 12.0.


Playing a lot of challenges, when is the first round? let me guess, 2 days after a senior match?


1st round is end of May, got good side of draw, avoid kilkenny/Galway.


how did that go @Hubie




Any more challenges before club action @Hubie ?

someone asked on another thread if Lucan’s Coffey u21 this year, pretty sure he was a minor last year.

Think we’ll have a very decent panel this year at u21.


Playing the seniors tonight


u-21 Championship.

May 26th v Laois
June 16 v winners of Carlow/Ulster


That’s a nice draw. Avoiding KK and Galway. This year it’s also the loser of Leinster final goes to All Ireland semi final. With the bunch of players that are available to us we should have a very good year at this level. Doesn’t always work like that though as we have seen before.


Any more challenges recently?


Format of this competition seems crazy:

If we win the games, we have 3 games before we meet Wexford in their first game. Wexford or Kilkenny can win the competition in 2 games. Only the GAA :expressionless:


It looks like we are in a preliminary group with the weaker teams? If so, that’s nuts, we won Leinster two years ago.

Still the games will stand to us. It will take a good team to beat us in Leinster this year.


It’s an easy run to a final by looking at it though and that means a guaranteed all ireland semi this year whether you win Leinster or not.


Anyone like to have a shot at what a potential U21 team could be?


In Whitley, Hayes, Burke, Currie(s), Conroy, O’Sullivan and grey(?) etc they’ve some good forwards anyhoo