Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


That was disappointing. This is a good team, and they had the right side of the draw that they might not get again for a few years. Rory O Connor was the difference. But even though they are good, and O Connor is very good, we would probably have won with a reliable free taker (am not blaming Currie, he stepped up to take them). Something went wrong in the second half where we were down a forward but still leaving gaps at the back. Also, I thought the ref rode us ridiculously on technical fouls (over carries, handpassing etc.).

But listen, that was 30 minutes of hurling that went wrong. It doesn’t negate the fact that there are a lot of lads on that team that can step up to seniors. The likes of Crummy, Currie, Burke (Connor), Conroy and Gray (at least) can bring something to senior (apart from the likes of Burke, Hayes, Whitely etc. who already do).

Its very disappointing. I suspect tactically something went wrong too, but it’s over now for another year so no great point picking that apart. But when this team was good this year, it was very very good. Shit happens!

What was also disappointing though was the crowd. There was no sense of it being a home game for Dublin, Wexford had a more vocal support and nearly as many in number. The ref got a very easy ride from the Dublin crowd on his decision making.


Are we out or is there a back door ?


Out !!




Hugely dissapointing result, wasn’t at the match myself but was at previous matches. Going into last night he still didn’t seem to know his best team, 4 different midfield partnerships in the 4 games highlights that. I understand lads were doing their leaving and senior lads came in late but I would’ve expected a bit more of a settled team by last night. Few questionable decisions on certain positions and match panels without a doubt but now is not the time to start calling them out.


Hurling will be Under 20 next year, same as football.


We conceded a big score. Had that full-back line gelled enough up to now? There was a lot of chopping and changing in it up until now?


McGurk dropped and not getting any game time after a decent first game seemed strange, maybe he had an injury. But in fairness, other then midfield, I would have started with the same team.

We seemed to try to do the same thing the seniors did against Kilkenny to handle Reid (but in this case O Connor), drop back a half forward to free up a back to follow him. This left us short in the forwards. But O Connor cut loose a bit in the second half and did damage. He went out the field a bit more I thought and as a result there was more space in our backs.

The management were sort of hampered by having too much talent available. Everyone had to be given a chance, I wouldn’t have done much a whole lot differently. In hindsight I probably would, but in hindsight so would they probably. When the game started to drift a bit in the second half it might have been interesting to put Conroy in full forward, as the ball stopped sticking in there. Having Currie play off him might have yielded results (Burke to midfield), but if he hadn’t trained in there at all, then it would just have been a Hail Mary. But we mainly lost because Wexford were good, so there is no shame in that.


Wouldn’t go blaming team selections and match panels they simpley lost cause they weren’t good enough yesterday and to be honest that was by far are best team to put out maybe with the exclusion of Sean Currie I would have started him instead of his brother, but yesterday they simple were beaten by a better side. 4 games in 4 weeks aswell is a big ask.


Well that was a serious loss last night then. A fair few fellas would have had another go. Now they won’t


Colin Currie scored 2-6 last night. 2-4 from play. And you wouldn’t have started him?

Sean should have been in long before he was for Dowling, who had a poor game from the off.


I’m not sure that’s confirmed?


Where is Ranger when you need him😂

On a serious note where is he?



Been too long since he posted


Yes I wouldn’t have, I would have started Sean instead. Free taking needs to be taking seriously if we’re to improve at any level cannot for the life of me no why Donal wasn’t taking them.


I’d imagine it’s because he missed a few handy enough ones last week. We knew the lack of a top class free taker was likely to catch up with this team.


Put someone else on the frees.

He missed three by the way. Not a huge amount. And certainly not a reason for dropping a player that scored 2-4 from play. Dowling hit two horrible long range frees. Sean certainly could have started ahead of him.

Going back to minor none of three or four lads proved to be reliable on frees when the chips are down.

Cannot understand the notion that a fella who scored what he did shouldn’t have started. Baffling logic.


I said I wouldn’t of started him not because of free taking but because I think Sean is a more complete player and that’s my opinion. As regarding free taking don’t think I mentioned the lads name I said in regards of free taking if we’re to progress at any level it needs to be taking seriously! Think the Wexford free taker missed one he was excellent and that’s why the won. In generally Dublin need to improve there forwards at all levels we always seem to have good/great players from 1-9 then it’s a struggle up front to pick out 6 complete forwards.


I’m guessing he went to Ard Scoil Rís?


Well that just makes it even more baffling. If you’re not going to take his free taking last night into account then he scored 2.6 out of 3.12 for dublin. But he shouldn’t have started. You are of course, entitled to your opinion. But it makes absolutely no sense to me.