Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


I seen the management team out at a couple division 2 matches checking how lads where going personally I’m a big fan of Costello but manager sees them in training


Looks like Galway will win leinster at the first time of asking.


We seemed to concede an awful lot of frees again.


I can’t believe that result. We had an incredible team available on paper but maybe we are just blinkered here. I’m lost for words.


Maybe we had a lot of good players but not enough great ones. Maybe the setup
/balance was all wrong. Westmeath was a warning shot where the score rate was pretty poor, the second half today was more of it.


Was full sure we would cut them apart in the (wind assisted) 2nd half but it just never happened. Rory O’Connor dominated for them. The manner in which we conceeded all 3 goals was very disappointing.


Is this competition now U20’s next year?
Can’t believe wat just happened there big players just didn’t turn up, Wexford hurled better and were clinical on are mistakes especially the goals, moved the ball through the phases much faster aswell


Wexford much the better team. Slow start in each Half was very costly. Where was the “welcome to Donnycarney” fired up performance we usually get from the Seniors?.. The ref was ready to start the 2nd half and we were missing a mid fielder,( still in the dressing room), as soon as he arrived the ball was thrown in and within seconds Wexford had the ball in our net. They grew in confidence and we went to pieces. The scoreline does not reflect Wexford dominance in the 2nd half.


Stays U21 I think.

One of our midfielders was late out for the start of the second half. The ref dropped the ball the second he arrived. Thirteen seconds later the ball was in our net. Horrendous way to start the second half. After that we were hammered out the gate. Didn’t even hit wides such was the intensity Wexford brought to the game. The team simply did not perform in the second half. A total systems failure.


Hopefully that’s the case cause the majority of them can go again next year, didn’t get the puck outs in the second half everything long with the wind, why not put a few short and work the phases. It is what it is better team won on the day.


Disappointing. Wexford have really stolen a march on us at 21s recently after us being better at minor. They seem to have unearthed a few more quality forwards.


You said it in a nutshell


Just in and very disappointed with second half display. We didn’t score a point from play until the 30th minute of 2nd half and Wexford stepped up a gear to pull away quite easily. We never came to grips with Joe O’Connor their no.10, and Wexford made two chamges in first half which stopped Currie and Burke dominating as they had been.
We still need to find that free taker as Currie took the second one - looks like Dowling was on longer-range ones but dropped both of them short. Currie had a good run in first half but missed two keys ones in 2nd half when we badly needed scores. Their free taker Casey was very impressive.
The sideline will look back and probably feel they should have made changes earlier - Costello was well up for it when he was brought on 6 minutes into 2nd half.
Very small home Dublin support on a nice evening for a Leinster semi-final…we’d have brought more to games in Tullamore, Carlow or Portlaoise in the past.


Ouch. Only ten scores from play is not great. I believe tg4 will have highlights of the game on monday.


So what was lacking tonight?
Skill, fitness etc…


Hunger in the second half. We were wiped out on that score by Wexford. Never had the space to even get off a shot never mind a score. .


Very disappointing performance and result tonight. That team is capable of much much better.


Unfortunately the same can be said of a few Dublin teams over the years. Closing out big games has been a major flaw at all levels for a decade now. We miss more often than we hit when it comes to winning big, knock out games.


You able to get a stream for tg4 in the states?


Will we ever get back to being the hurling super power that we never were …