Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Bery strong bench.


Recovered well from being 2 down


Looking at this on television if we can get through tonight a Leinster final is very achievable. Wide after wide…


Gal v kk is Poor enough so far. They might improve though.



Going very well against a very strong breeze. No excuse for not winning this. Up by four with six to go to half time.


Did Eoghan Dunne start ?



DMT said they started as selected


Gap to two. Several frees for wex.


Had on DMT he passed to Currie to put us 3 - 2 up after 9 minutes . Maybe an error


Three frees in a row converted for Wexford. Up by two. Just half time. Need to get a grip.


Half time. Up by a goal. Ours to win. Or lose. Hopefully the former!


We have decent wind in 2nd half



How come Burke isn’t on frees ?


Goal Wexford. Drawn game


Currie is getting them all

Wexford have come to play. We haven’t. Drawn game after 7 minutes.


So how come we’re level?


Second half. We’re playing with a gale and we’re a point down after being theee up at the half. Wexford are all over us.

Ref is a nightmare.

Goal Wexford. Now we’re four down. Meltdown territory.