Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Crummy was moved to centre half forward at the start of the second half, and made a bit of a difference there. But it was a very crowded area, so hard to do much.

Dowling steadied things up a bit on the frees in the second half and did ok too. That line of Dowling, Crummy and Hayes could be the half forward line the next day.


Team named tomorrow I assume?



Thats a good team…good bench. Young curry coming in on a tired corner back is a nice prospect. Few other good subs too. I wonder will that team actually start.


I wonder will he be available, still some subjects left in the leaving cert?

@Tayto will correct you, it’s Currie :grinning:


Sean is on the bench tomorrow.


I think they learned last week that pitching someone straight back in after their exams is not necessarily a great idea.


Played for Na Fianna Inters last week


Cheers Alan


Yes, got a couple of scores and a couple of frees apparently, so not coming in cold, which seems like a good idea.

That’s a good team above, hopefully, the weather will be more conducive to hurling this evening than the last day out, as we can’t afford to have anything like the 19 wides the last day and hope to win.

Is this on TG4 by any chance?


TG4 showing Kilkenny v Galway - can’t really argue with that

Leinster U21 Hurling Semi-Final
Kilkenny v Galway – LIVE

Munster U21 Hurling Semi-Final
Waterford v Cork – DEFERRED

Wednesday @ 7.20pm

Munster U21 Hurling Semi-Final
Tipperary v Limerick – LIVE

Thursday @ 7.20pm


Of the free taking is ok I think we should leave be in a good place here, if it’s like last week, we will lose.

The two lads that lost out, Gannon and Dunne are unlucky. They were in a very congested area last time and handnt much chance.


This team with the players available are our best chance of success in a long time, the seniors being out also helps. Good luck to all involved!


Gannon a young lad so a congested midfield is not the ideal scenario. Dunne as well. They’ll both be on at some point this evening i’d imagine.


I agree 100%. Tonight’s game is huge. A win puts them in an All Ireland semi and prolongs the summer regardless. Injuries or bad luck or anything can lose them one match, but a win tonight gives them two bites at the cherry.

I think the eventual AI winners will come from Leinster.


At one stage or another this year I’m nearly certain every player in the 15 named was part of pat gilroys panel this year weather it was trail games or panel members that’s great to see.


It is and now the seniors are out it should help if we can get over Wexford and have another two games without the disruption of the exams but then wexford are coming into this cold and with the same exam disruption.


Once we win tonight that’s all that matters


Cian O Sullivan was a centre back with the minors wasn’t he. Seems to have become a forward now?

Mind you, I think all of the half back line were forwards previously…


It’s a strange one, conroy is the kind of forward we need in the senior team more than anything and he’s playing half back for the u21s.