Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Twin strikers?


We have the players to spread the scores. Don’t be Westmeath.


Struggling I think, I didn’t see any particular injury issues. I was just thinking also , McGurk went from a starting midfielder to an unused substitute, maybe an injury there…

Whitely was key yesterday, he got on a huge amount of ball and played the vast majority to our advantage. The half back line was also important, they cleaned up everything in the second half really. I think the second half performance is more where we are then the first half.

The introduction of Curry gave them an option they didn’t have before also. Not everything worked for him, but he caused a lot of trouble. The big question the next day is if they start one, two or no Curry? (assuming Curry the younger is finished his leaving then, which he might not be).

But Burke is a bit of an enigma. He scored 2-2 from play I think, and they were done with relative ease. The first goal he got on a ball out in the corner, rounded his marker and buried it, for the second he won a high ball, made a bit of space and again stuck it in the net. But he always looks to me as if could completely own a game from start to finish if he wanted, but he comes in, in little bursts from time to time. When the ball is right, and the defenders are in the right positon he will do wonders - but if he could just bend things to his will a little more he would be a superstar. In fairness, he is not too bad either now though! He has a shot on him like I have never seen before, he can get it away in a crowd and score in a very unusual fashion. He has very little arm movement I think and uses his body to get the power in the shot. Although I would have to see him on TV more to see it, I never expect the shot and then suddenly the ball is gone. But he only had 5 major plays yesterday, he scored from four of them and nearly decapitated an umpire with the fifth. If he had ten major plays, what would he have done?

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the frees (although I was very concerned yesterday at half time), we know Burke is a decent free taker at senior level, so he can do it. The wind and rain was very off putting yesterday, also it was really really strangely dark. I was struggling to see the play on the other side of the pitch at times.

A win next Wednesday puts us in an All Ireland semi - this is one of the most important Dublin hurling games of the year…


Curious about Gannon, hopefully he’ll be better prepared the next day, himself and Dunne had very good previous games but were subbed off early enough yesterday. Was wondering if maybe the weather made it more physical then on the nice sunny days the previous rounds were played. Both have lots of potential.

Huge game on the 20th in the nell, goes without saying but we can’t afford anything like the 19 wides v Wexford, but yesterday should have taut a lot.


Agree about the free taking. Sean Moran would be on penos and he’d be well able to score them but we haven’t got one since he came back into the team.


To be fair he’s only coming back from a long lay off. He missed twice as much as he scored last night but he’s pure quality.

Westmeath played with one inside forward for most of the game and parked the rest of them in the middle of the pitch to stop us hurling, and it worked. We played poorly, won very few breaks and had 19 wides. I’d imagine they had no more than 5. They adapted to the wet windy conditions better than we did. We won the game though as the bit of extra quality came through in the end.

Hopefully that’s the bad game out of the system. A bit of a selection headache for the next day though, thus far I don’t think they know what they’re strongest 15 is, especially from 8-15.


Yep, I agree. The 8-15 thing is sort of a good problem though. They are all good, it is just getting the right fit. I think Curry maybe made his point last night though.

I agree too on the defensive nature of Westmeath, it did make midfield very crowded. I was a little worried though that for some of it we only had one man back with their one forward. If he won the ball we were in trouble. I thought Burke (Conor) should have sat a bit deeper.

But that Westmeath team is decent. They backboned the DIT Fitzgibbon team that went a lot further then normal.


It’s currie WiFi, lets not have another Ryan Dwyer on our hands! :yum:

We could have two of them on the senior team at some point so best get it right now :joy:


Agree with most of that. We have an abundance of forwards so it’s going to be a case of having a few on the line equally as good as what’s on the pitch who can be introduced should any not be performing on a given day.

The one on one situation at the end was an accident waiting to happen! I was surprised Burke wasn’t told to man the ‘D’ or make the decision himself, although along with Conroy is a forward who’s been converted to a back so perhaps it doesn’t come naturally. He’s always available though and picks up a lot of ball.

Westmeath were decent, especially the 2 Doyle’s, but had we converted half of what we missed we’d have beaten them out the gate.


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The weather also played havoc with the game wet slippy ball was a swirling wind, Gannon wasn’t really having the great game felt Ryan made a huge difference when introduced and I thought was probably one of the better players on the field also aloud whitely to play more hurling and just get on more ball, Donal was good also for his first game back but easily could have scored 4-8 paddy smith aswell he is improving every game and is becoming one of the stand out players for Dublin, this game will stand to the whole squad, next Wednesday is gonna be some game two good teams just hope are lads hit the ground running.


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That’s a tough setup to play against in wet and windy conditions, explain the low scoring to some degree.

You’d have hoped we’d have a better idea of our best 15 now that we are three games in.


Westmeath have caused the occasional upset underage in recent times, they’re doing good work underage seeing as they’re a small dual county.


Currie was playing AHL 4 last night. Sean I think.


Getting the eye in for next week?


Must be, he was quiet enough, 1 or 2 from play and a few frees


He looks to me like a reliable free taker so hopefully he can slot into that problem role next Wednesday evening.


How did Crummey and Dowling get on ? I’ve seen every other forward/midfield mentioned and nothing about these 2 lads ?