Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Burke is a decent free taker most of the time, so i think longer term I wouldn’t be worried, but tonight’s shooting was cat.

Now there are caveats, it was fairly wet and the ball and ground were slippy. Also there was an awkward wind. But even still, it was poor on the shooting.

The twin did effect things a lot. The slick Diublin interplay that was there in other games didn’t really work. Also, while Burke won us the game, I thought there was too many balls hit into him. On previous games those balls were being given out to the corner men. Speaking of which, Curry made a real difference when he came on. His speed opened things up a lot.

In the fourth quarter, it was all Dublin. The longer it would have went on, the more we would have won by. But haveing said that. They had their full forward (one of the Doyle’s) isolated on Smith in the full forward line for a lot of the second half. He just had to win one ball and we were toast. Thankfully he didn’t, but we should have had a cover man.

Whitley was an important factor for us, as was Conroy, Gray and Hayes. It was poor at times, but the conditions played a large part of that. When we got to grips with them, finally, we looked good.

I am a little worried we have too many options here, and as a result we aren’t fine tuning the team.


I was 30 a day. When I was out beering, it could have been 40/50 a day. I’m off them 10 years and 4 stone ago!

I still can’t play for the under 21’s!


That’s why I asked about a coach.

Playing years ago, was trying too hard to “belt it” when playing & training.

When we got a coach in, identified problems in approach, swing & position addressing the sliothar. Was uncomfortable for a while, but got used to it. Made a huge difference in distance & accuracy.


Yeah, that’s great and all. But did you ever smoke?

Seriously, thanks for the reports. Your input here to those of us nailed down to a family/club routine is invaluable. Míle buichas.


It’s like golf I’d say - just find a comfortable style and rhythm. Then there’s the mental and confidence side. But definitely it’s practice, practice … ask Deano. A good hurling free taker should be 90%+ I’d say. TJ must have a very high %


That was one of the examples given.

Swing through it just like a golfer.

(Wish I could swing like Tiger)


Actually, Jonny Wilkinson was a big influence on a certain Dublin free taker. Precision, precision, precision! Practice, practice, practice!


Can’t beat that advice .

But when you are practicing on your own training ground on a quiet November night, & then in September kicking at Croker, injury time in front of 82,000 watchers, & the best player in Ireland tosses a gadget at you ?

Have all the practice you wish, but have you the cojones for that?


Burke can be good on the frees, but he can have an off day where it comes apart for him. Think we only scored 4 frees? Won’t do against better opposition. (Cost the seniors a win or two and Paul Ryan is usually very reliable).

Guessed from the scoring that the weather was poor. Still we should have learned more from that then we did the previous two games and it seemed everything was going wrong (missed frees, goal chances wasted, goal disallowed) but we got the win, so good fight from the lads.


Burke scored 2-02 from play which is fair going!



SCORERS - Dublin: D Burke 2-3 (0-1f), C Dowling 0-4 (0-1f, 0-1‘65’), R Hayes, F Whitely 0-2 each, E Conroy, C Currie 0-1 each. Westmeath: K Doyle 1-7 (0-7f), C Doyle 0-6 (0-1f, 0-1 sideline).

We scored 2 frees to their 8


A reliable free taker of top consistency rates has really hurt us at all levels over last few year. Kevin o reilly was probably the best underage wise and ryan at senior but good and all as they may be. The consistency of the other counties is crazy like forde, reid, horgan, canning, duggan, gillane, mahoney. These guys miss maybe once a game if even. With most counties having a serious long distance option too like the murphy from kk and byrnes limerick. Its really small margins but could be 3 or 4 points a game and when you add that to a lack of a penalty striker to it all ads up. Teams know they can foul us and we will not score from a penalty.


19 wides is a concern all right.


Do that again and we’re out. Have to hope currie doesn’t do physics. :yum:


Or worse still, music!


Definitely doing honours Hebrew.


They are half kiwi after all!


Seriously though that team should not be relying on one/two players, hopefully the 19 wides can be attributed to the wind, it was gale force down here yesterday evening - not sure if it was that bad up in mullingar?

On a positive note they only had two scorers (0-9 of their 1-12 from frees) compared to 0-02 of our 2-12 from frees, and 19 wides on top of 2.12 means we dominated everywhere but on the scoreboard … so if we can tidy up the shot selection …


@Wifi was Gannon injured or struggling? Just wonder about throwing lads in straight after exams, they might not be as fresh as you’d want.


Even though the Doyle twins accounted for all of Westmeaths scores :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: