Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Back to level. Getting things together now according to Twitter thankfully.


I’d take the one point win at this stage




4 up now


Win by 3


Made to work hard for that. 2-13 is not great scoring. Unless we find a free taker it’s going to cost us sooner then later.


any idea where the match against wexico is do we have a home and away agreement


It’s at home. We beat them down there a couple of years ago. Important to win tonight and get out of there. Well done to all involved.


When is wexford game? Next wednesday eve ?


One of the Leinster u-21 sf is on Tg4 but don’t know which.


We’d have won All Ireland’s at under age if we hadnt such problems with wides and frees. This team had the same problem at minor and it’s not rectified yet. We’ll take the win though.


Lack of or poor coaching?


Perfect practise needed for free taking. And lots of it. 300 frees a week minimum.


That’s quite a target on top of your own training.

But if you can manage that, do you need a coach alongside?


Yes. Have a free taking “coach” to know the free takers routine. Be there to see the right routine and than when things are going wrong, remind the taker what the routine is. 7 days a week , it’s 40 a day give or take.


I used to do 40 a day …


How are the lungs…


Struggling! Niall Moyna couldn’t rescue me!


did you have a coach beside you watching your technique