Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


Hopefully we are still in it!

TG4 showing the Galway and Offaly game I see.


The Galway team named today to play Offaly is fairly serious. Thankfully we can only meet them in a Leinster final that isn’t s knock out game.


Strong team!


Interesting Gannon is back in already, but at midfield instead of 11 this time but Dunne got 1-3 (was it?) from chf last day so can’t really drop him.

Older Currie injured?


I wouldn’t have thought so, Crummy and O Sullivan probably better the last day, and Burke was always coming in.

I will be v interested to see how Burke does. I haven’t actually seen him at his best since he was a minor (which in fairness isn’t that long ago)


Great to have Burke back, thought we’d Have a currie in either corner this year but a lot of options in the forwards which is unlike Dublin teams.


Anyone know what Westmeath are supposed to be like this year?



Missed frees killing us


DMT says we’re hitting buckets of wides. 3 down.


Wind at all???


We have it in 2nd half


Wides are mental. From frees and play.


How is young Costello not starting he is a good young forward but the management see training


Is it considerable?


No harm to get a bad performance out of our system at this stage of the year as long as we can get over it.


It’s big enough actually, it will make a difference


Some terrible wides here, half time couldn’t come quick enough Ryan is making a difference since he has come on, Costello also needs to be brought on also missed frees again killing us


Get themselves together at half time and go on to win by 5


We should be at least 10 points ahead at this stage hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us