Dublin U21 Hurling 2016


Fair enough. I’d argue that’s it more unfair on the regular club players who’s championship is held up for the elite 2% but there ya go. With o’Carroll gone and keaney retired we’re really only talking about less than ten players across both codes.


Probably less than 10… Doesn’t make it less unfair.

The only fair way IMO is to enforce a 3/4/5 game strategy into the calendar up to and including the All Ireland 1/4 finals in both codes. I’ve advocated that at county committee but the county managers held much more sway with the decision makers. It has lead to some feisty debates over the years


Problem is clubs take the urine.

The rule that clubs seek is rule 8 which is

No team shall have to fulfil a championship fixture in the same code in the 6 days prior to any Inter County championship fixture (13 days for All Ireland semi-final. 20 days for All Ireland Final) involving a Dublin team where one or more of their players are members of that Dublin team’s official Inter County Panel. (Exception; an adult match may not be postponed due to the inclusion of a play on a County minor panel) In Adult / Minor league competitions clubs shall play without their players who are on inter County duty. Exception: Clubs shall be entitled to a postponement if one or more of its players are required on the same day on the official panel by a Dublin Adult Inter County team for championship or National league for the final two rounds of the league and any league play-off game.**

Now this rule is not what it seems it is and this is where some of the problems lie. For example the last round of Senior B there were games off and that was the 10th of August, which would be 18 days off the All Ireland semi final.


I would hate to see the tone of this thread if we had got beaten in the first round :slight_smile:


Jaysus Wifi, it’d be one long County Board meeting if any of us got elected…:sunglasses:


I’d have to agree. Crokes holding up a hurling championship for ROC and Vincent’s holding it up for DC in the past is ridiculous at this stage .

When you watched the game neither was effective at all in any aspect. And you were left with why bother holding the championship up for that!


Agree 100 per cent.my own club got game cancelled last year for a prominent dublin hurler even though he hardly ever plays for the footballers.


It’s started already. Two intermediate hurling quarter finals called off this Saturday due to two football panellists- who more than likely haven’t played hurling all year- not being available.
Such bulshit.




Not too sure ROC is holding anything up…word is he will not be playing for his club in Dublin this season.


Yes, I agree, it’s unfair! But it is also unfair on the club that is not allowed to play their best players. I’m aware who is not available, and that they haven’t played all year… But that’s because they’ve been with the county team, ordinarily, they would play!!!

If you can’t see the unfairness on the club involved, then I’ll bow out of this thread, and I will never return, as we’ll never see eye to eye on it! Never the twain shall meet!


T’would be no fun if we saw eye to eye rochey👍🏻


Oh yes, for sure, but when the views are so diametrically opposed, there is surely no point in challenging! Banging heads off walls syndrome… :slight_smile:


I had a cross eyed teacher once. She got the sack. Couldn’t control her pupils …


She had pedestrian eyes. Looked both ways before they crossed!


Rochey, I fully understand your views.

Here’s a genuine question: How would posters feel, as a player, having played all your clubs league games, group stages in Champo etc., to find you get dropped for the latter stages of the Champo to a player who hasn’t been involved all year?


That would depend on how committed to the club team the player was, allowing for inter-county managerial constraints.
As I said before, I saw big Vinny lining out for Trinity Gaels in a hurling championship game on a Sunday evening, having played a National League Football final that afternoon. It wouldn’t happen nowadays.


I think that’s an internal club issue really in terms of selection Liam.

I think the point is holding up hundreds of players holiday plans for a handful of players who when they play after 4 months of senior inter county football activity are completely ineffective.

In anyone’s language that is utterly absurd in my view


Or worse when competitions are held up for inter county footballers and then they go on holidays and miss the games anyway which has happened in the past.


That’s just absurd!