Dublin U21 Hurling 2016


Then I’m not filled with hope


All the good ones are backs and midfielders. Bennett is talented and Treacy too. But the rest are good club players in my opinion.
You don’t acquire these skills at hurling at 22. That’s where the development system is failing these lads


You can play league matches all you like with your club but we all know they are light years removed from the standard, pace and physicality of last Saturday night. If those lads had a couple of club championship matches between the Leinster final and last weekend that would have surely made a difference.

Shooting drills are grand but there is no consequence if you miss. A miss and you are out scenario in even one club championship game is better than 10 hours of shooting drills.

The nettle has to be grasped for 2017 in respect of club championship to have our minor, U21 and seniors ready for battle. Minors must play adult club championship. U21 and seniors need 4 to 5 championship matches across May to August. Like it might only be one match a month. It’s hardly a big effin deal to organise county training around it. If we suffer a few injuries so be it. We had 18 - 20 wides in normal time on Saturday. Nobody wants to be too harsh on lads who gave absolutely everything in Thurles at the weekend but this low scores to chances created ratio is a reoccurring theme with all our county teams. Something has to be done to solve the problem. Properly run adult club championships is the answer.

We must change to a Kilkenny type model and stick with it for 7 or 8 years at least. Producing late bloomers like John Joe Farrell, Shane Prendergast etc is also being put down to the competiveness of their club competitions.

Also county footballers can’t be let hold up club championship either. This nonsense of footballers dictating hurling championship fixtures is even going on in the senior b championship at the moment.


Excellent post.


Agree with iomanai last paragraph about county senior footballers holding up senior hurling club championship. As a senior hurler in this county with a very successful club over they years it’s getting more and more frustrating in how long you have to wait from mid May to September to play another championship game and to be honest I’m starting to get really frustrated over it all and starting to lose interest in the game I love. Were has the respect gone to club players who just wanna get out and play championship hurling for there club at the highest level.


Great post Iomanai. Well argued and well put!


Great post.our club cancelled a football championship game last year because our dublin senior hurler couldnt play.yet for league games he never plays anyway.clubs should get on with it in both codes its riduclious


Is it ridiculous? Put yourself in the position of a club that would have 3-4 or even 5 members held up by county teams? Hardly fair on them to continue on with what could be argued, are their best players. Is it?


I know this rule is in place but did this get voted on? Absolutley crazy.


That’s not the problem though and no one has a problem with that if it’s the same code.

The problem is hurling championships are getting held up for footballers.


It’s still unfair on clubs to be punished for having representatives in county panels, the code does not matter!


Last year there was games held up because someone was a sub on the football panel and seen little or no game time and then didn’t even play hurling for their club.
That’s hardly fair


Agree, but that’s an extreme. In my opinion clubs should not be punished for having reps on county teams.


Great post Iománaí.
I believe though if we are to drive on for 2017 and really be serious about taking it to the next level, there needs to be a serious look at the structures of Hurling League and Champo from DCB, and sooner rather than later.
There’s been talk for years about looking at the KK set-up, but, biggest issue is they don’t have same levels of football as we do, so it would be difficult to get this passed.
The U.21 Champo is currently of no benefit to Club or County, with it being shoe-horned into the end of year, and with most Clubs only getting 1 game per year or the whole “Player Burn-out Chestnut”. U.21 Champo should be run IMO March-May timeframe.
If you’re talking about 4-5 Senior Champo from May-August, you’re looking at either increasing Teams or doubling the Group Stages, this then runs into the problems being posted on Hurling Champo being held up by Football, and I fully understand Clubs wanting to have their best players available for Champo.
Maybe DCB should enforce that players are released by County Footballers.

There’s a lot of good discussions on this thread, unfortunately if we’re really honest (Might get shot for this), but Football is the Number one priority in Dublin, and until we produce a few AI Titles at all levels Hurling won’t be taken Seriously in Dublin.


It absolutely does matter. They’re different sports albeit under the one association. You wouldn’t hold up a hurling match for a game of rugby. It leaves the door open for clubs to take the piss and there have been numerous examples of clubs doing just that over the last couple of years.


So you’re saying that clubs should be punished for developing players to county standard?? Just so we’re clear here?


Yes. Yes that’s exactly what I said. :unamused:

I’m saying a football championship shouldn’t be held up for a player playing inter county hurling and vice versa.

The current rules are wide open for manipulation by clubs and have been abused in the last couple of seasons. Making a couple of hundred guys wait to play their games for the sake of 4/5 guys playing a different code is ridiculous.
Under the current rules Judes could get a hurling championship game called off if they didn’t have access (or whatever the term is) to Kev Mc. It’s a farce.


Insert whatever emoji you like, but if you do what you want, clubs with county players get punished… And that is ridiculously unfair.

I’ll grant you that there needs to be a tightening of the rules so that something like what you said shouldn’t happen, as that’s just pulling the p1ss, I’d like to think my club wouldn’t stoop as low as pull that kind of dirty trick. Then again, we don’t have hurling! Doesn’t mean I can’t have a valid opinion on the matter


I don’t think clubs can be trusted to abide by the spirit of the rule and so the only way to make it work is just draw the line and treat them separately.


And in my opinion, that would be grossly unfair on Crokes, NaFianna etc, who have county lads that play both codes.