Dublin U21 Hurling 2016


He had a man of the match performance in a game at a higher level then u21 with no NHL experience.

U21’s who have got the job done at senior championship level under-perfoming at u21 level worries me less then watching lads last night with no senior experience 21 yards out of goal unopposed putting the ball wide. That just means they’ll never be good enough


When Seán Ó Riain was substituted in the second half Dónal O Grady commented that he felt sorry for the Dublin full forward line as the quality of ball going into them was very poor.If you take the first half they spent most of the time watching the sliotar sailing over their heads and mainly going wide.


Rico I can understand your concern about playing a minor on Senior club teams. But I think the point been made here is the lad would improve this touch and sharp reactions etc.


Hugely disappointing stuff yesterday. People can make whatever excuses about the wides they like but as someone else pointed out they were hit wide because we aren’t capable of striking the ball sweetly under pressure and in some case where there is nobody challenging them at all. We had lots of wides in the other games aswell. What seperates our best players at senior level for example is the consistency of their displays…Dotsy, Liam Rushe, Peter Kelly these guys play well consistently. Quite a few of the young players people are harping on about are really lacking in that department…they perform occasionally and we get excited but its not enough to challenge the better counties. Another thing I noticed from yesterday was how poor we were in the air I don’t think we caught a puck out in the forward line. Our speed of striking is way behind the more traditional counties. Barrett, Mcbride and Boland were best for us. I do think Mcbride could be a good asset to the senior team next year and importantly he can catch his own ball. Painful as it is and I know its crying over spilt milk but we lost 4/5 quality ball winning forwards who can score and if we could even get one or 2 of them back from the footballers subs bench it would be great.


Not for the first time this year, that’s the frustrating bit.


I would agree that consistency is paramount to progressing further than semi final stage. Dublin teams at minor and u21 have the pick of the most skillful players but too many players often seem to have inconsistent performances at vital times. However, I thought Galway’s backs put our forwards under huge pressure with tough, in your face, man-marking and did not allow them the space that they had received in previous rounds.
It was great to get a leinster title and i think a lot of this team will be still under age next year so they will have got valuable experience.


Strong possibility one is coming back


it would take a good while to get back up to speed if even possible I would think, not sure how much hurling has been done by them but Conor mcHugh has not played hurling for about 2 years, not for club or college. I think costello played for his college but not sure about his club. When keaney moved to the hurlers, he had been playing at a high level in his club so that worked out well.


Hmmmm would this be a certain Mr. Costello ??


Fully agree with you on this, biggest problem I see with coaching in clubs, is the lack of Courses made available to the Club Mentors. You can do Foundation Level and Level 1,but, nothing else after that. I don’t think there’s been a Level 2 course for Hurling in Dublin in nearly 5 yrs. And you’ll find that players involved with Development Squads don’t like Training with their Clubs because of the drop in the Level of Training.
I know it shouldn’t be up to the DCB to make sure the Training Levels at a Club are up to scratch, but, I don’t think it would do any harm to have some sort of a “Development Squad Level of Training” made available to Clubs.
I know players are encouraged to bring what they learn at Development Squads back into their Clubs, but, if you reverse this and get Mentors up to a high level, surely this would produce a Higher Level of Hurling at Club games and have a knock on effect with County Teams.


A few days on from the defeat I thought some of the negativity re that result would have wound down a bit - but it seems not. Once again we are back into discussions about development of Dublin hurling and what is wrong etc.

Now there is a lot that can be done to bring on Hurling in Dublin, no doubt. But the basis for the discussion being one of the best underage Dublin teams we have ever had seems a bit strange to me. I don’t think they are having such discussions in Kilkenny, even though we are the minor and U21 Leinster champions.

That Galway team has one AI Minor winning team in there and one losing AI minor team - so they are a serious outfit. While losing is horrible, personally I wouldn’t be calling for a complete re-jig of underage structures because we lost by 2 points (after extra time) to a serious outfit. I would be infinitely more worried about our minor footballers losing badly to a Meath team who didn’t even go onto win Leinster.


With all due respect Wifi, I wasn’t being negative, and any of my posts tend to look at the positives in Dublin Hurling having been involved at as a Player, Coach and Supporter for a number of years. I’m not looking to completely re-jig our underage structure,Dublin Development Squads and what they’ve achieved over the last 15 years has been immense. All I’m suggesting is that maybe by improving the Coaching Levels in Clubs might yield a higher return for our County Teams.


Foundation courses and the like are overated for me.hurling has 5 skills and with that you need physical fitness and intensity of training.getting people with a hurling background who know the game would be more impirtant for me.lije alot of games now coaches are over coaching and not letting teams play.


Cant agree that the galway team are a serious outfit.


I am not referring to you specifically Liam at all, just the overall tenor of this thread. Your point that improving club coaching levels would be beneficial is unarguable against really. I spent many years as a youngster being coached in hurling by football coaches at club level, as the both teams usually had the same management team - what the knew about hurling was minimal enough.


We’ll see how they get on against Waterford. Might be closer then some think. Might be a landslide.


And that’s an equally fair point. In fairness to Liam, their setanta lads don’t have that (dual) problem, but I’m seeing lads come into development panels that are very poorly coached. Its a contributing factor that’s all.

The lack of actual competitive playing time at club level is the bigger problem for me.


Agree cdg. I’d also be very adamant that this 21 management and coaching setup needs to be kept, at this or another level with Dublin. Yes the lads didn’t hit form on the night but they have progressed as a unit big time since minor and actually won something. Leinster is not enough any more I heard they said. From listening to one of our own lads yesterday they felt everything, coaching and otherwise was done right. The players just didn’t go well in the forwards especially and he mentioned the obvious ones. Joe Fortune has been mentioned in other threads as having an input at senior level. With the right people around him I think that’s the best way forward. The players are so respectful of his man management skills etc. Cdg you might know more as you’ve been involved ?Ranger is right though in that we need to start producing a different type of forward and letting them develop at the appropriate level. How that’s done is probably a mix of the comments above.


If we strictly look at U.21 level I think having Club Champo played in Nov/Dec doesn’t do any favours to either Club or County players. Can’t see why it’s not started in March, surely this would give County players at least some competitive matches.


I think that is easier said then done, and one of the reasons for that (and I beg forgiveness for bringing up the topic), is that the type of forward we are missing - the skilful, athletic type (and with enough size to cope with inter-county), is also the type that excels at football. The majority of good young lads who went to football from hurling, were of this type. The one we did keep, Sutcliffe, we didn’t keep for long!

But ultimately I think it all comes down to numbers - if we get enough players up to the level, the rest will look after itself as the biggest, fittest, most skilful etc. will sort themselves out. We are really not far away at all at underage level. Someone mentioned above that we don’t produce the players the like of Blanchfield with KK. But he played against us at U21 last year and was by no means the best player on the field (Cian Boland was that day). The likes of Blanchfield just have the advantage of being added to a team where the likes of TJ Reid can do the heavy lifting while they find their feet.

Looking at the possible 15 for next year at U21, I think we won’t be too far away at all come this time of year 2017;