Dublin U21 Hurling 2016


31 wides between them. Hard to know who should be more upset with themselves.


Unfortunately the rest of the seniors have not followed his lead.


True. Galway drew level 6 minutes into the second half. Would have fancied themselves to pull away then I’m sure.


I don’t think it’s a question of us losing composure it’s just the standard is way higher. Lads have less time and are punished for mistakes more often.
While Barrett is unreal to win ball he always wants to run with the ball and frequently loses it.
O donnell, FORB, Madden good.
Jake Malone mixes the ridiculous with the sublime.
Chris Bennett was so poor with any ball into his corner. O Brien too.
AJ murphys shooting is ridiculously bad. Missed 3 of the easiest points you’ll see. Treacy very anonymous too!


Good that we will finish with the wind at our backs. It’s fairly blowing


Nice score from Boland. He’s putting on a good shift.


Did well there in the 1st period of ET. To go in level is superb. Let’s see can see score our way to a final.


That was dreadful decision. Nothing wrong with hand pass.


Well that was some sh1t show.


An absolutely putrid last t0 minutes with the game at our mercy. A horror show.

We have to somehow find lads who can hit the ball over the bar. Most of our forwards cannot do that even when under no pressure.


Can’t knock the effort & heart but you win sod all without forwards who can score. Borland single handily kept us in that game. Very disappointing performance & result.

Not getting any closer to All Ireland at any level. There’s still big gap in our skills when competing at top level. Shouldn’t be like that at this stage.


Cian still has some ways to go with his skills but he was the best forward of a bad bunch. Barrett and Mc Gowan were heroic. Barrett in particular is an extraordinary talent

Mc Bride had a great first half but faded and his shot selection was questionable at times. But he hurled reasonably well overall.

None of the seniors hurled great outside Barrett I thought. I don;t know if Bennett was injured but he didn’t look fit? Outside himself and Cian you couldn’t make a case for anybody else from midfield up as a future senior player unfortunately. Everyone tried as hard as they could but the technical skills aren’t there from the rest. When a half back and a full back have to to bail you out to force extra time…

Liam Blanchfield at 19 from Kilkenny is better then all of them.

We’re no closer to winning anything at All-Ireland level then we were in 2010. Managers can only do so much but you can’t legislate for a development system that produces only backs, midfielders and the odd forward.

Rumour has it though a former underage star will be defecting next year. Let’s hope he does based on that.


Very disappointed coming away from there this evening! I think we had 20 wides in normal time. That’s a shocking amount even allowing for the gale. Galway much the better team in 2nd period of extra time when it mattered most.


We lost by two points after extra time. I am not seeing the big gap…


You may well see it in the final unfortunately. That was a poor enough Galway team by their standards but we beat them solidly in the wide count.


Dublin probably weren’t at their best best on the day, but it has been a very decent campaign and they can be proud of themselves. Lots are still underage next year, the 2014 minor team is the most represented on the team I think and they will be joined next year by the two Burkes and more from this years minors. I would expect to be at least back to the semi next year.

It will be interesting to see the final. Waterford do look strong, but there has been little between these teams at minor level.


Will be a double digit win for Waterford. We’re fine against the Wexford’s , Offaly’s and Westmeath’s .

But in the higher company of Kilkenny, Galway and Munster hurling en masse we don’t have the forwards to beat these teams at minor, u21 or senior level. And it’s been like that for some time now.

And it’s plain for everyone to see in the results.They don’t lie. We never beat Galway at underage level and at senior level it’s a rarity. We never Munster teams -period bar the odd smash and grab job.

We’ve plateaued.


To many players that are big and srong physically but have no hurling ability.(no knacky forwards who can score).minors are the same.molloy of galway or curran frm waterford john walsh of kk is another.dublin need to find these type of players.


Completely devastated for that group. Wides killed them and a lot of the forwards were very wasteful. Leinster will be little consolation after a performance like that as they were a better team than Galway. I hope Joe stays with that group as he has fine attributes as a manager at this level and the next.
Too many of our big forwards dont perform consistently enough. Some of our senior panelists are also way off senior hurling.


I wonder how much A missing Cian Hendricken unhinged what has been a very solid full back line all year?? Half back line excellent for most of the game. Cian McGabhann is a top man. I think he has been consistently our best Under 21 this year.

Some decision making and shot selection was poor. We weren’t murdwred in the game which makes it so much more frustrating. But as mentioned above, where is our Richie Hogan, Colin Fennelly going to come from??

Waterford will be driven, but there had two handy games so far really. Antrim were a shambles. We would have beaten them out the gate as well.