Dublin U21 Hurling 2016



Good call, I suspect you are right. Not sure of the wisdom of trying something new at this stage though.


If he is fit, he starts for me. There’s no point in holding one of your best players in reserve. Boland was being held in reserve because of his injury issues.


Really can’t see them playing a sweeper. I suppose time will tell. Best of luck to all the Cuala contingent and all the Dublin players and management. Really looking forward to it.


Back in the day we had 2 tactics . . . Get it in ta Fcuk and Get it out ta Fcuk !! :grin:


I think Galway’s most dangerous forwards are Conor Whelan and Brian Molloy (Captain).
If those two can be curtailed, Dublin are in with a really good chance.
Once again Galway seem to be going for the smaller, faster, type of player and I think Dublin will have the edge in the physicality department. Really hope this bunch of lads do it tomorrow.
Best of luck to them.


Best of luck to the lads. COYBIB!


Best of luck to all the lads and management tonight. Tough game, but, I can see us winning by 3 or 4 pts. Na Dubs Abú.


Best of luck to all players and management this evening.

Think 3 things need to happen for us to win

  1. our backs have to be assured and disciplined no soft frees and no basic errors. How many times in big games have we seen a Dublin defender make a mistake that you shouldn’t see at this level cost us

  2. our use of ball. Look back at the Leinster run, we got away with wasting a lot of ball, poor shot selection and half backs driving ball wide instead of using our forwards. We must make the most of our possesion tonight

  3. Sean Treacy… Most see Bennett as our main man but we need Sean Treacy at his brilliant best tonight to take the game to Galway. If he fires were in with a good chance

Come on Dublin!


Conor Whelan is a top class forward at this level, if we keep him to 5 points or less it will be good going. Best of luck to all the lads and management


Few wild shots but an OK first 10 minutes.


We have a gale but we’re not set up right. Too many wides again.


Too loose at the back.


And ridiculous mistakes coming from stupid over complication


Usual standard of refereeing.


Some shooting choices are poor. We will be under pressure in second if we don’t have at least 6 point lead going in.


Not playing too bad so far to be 4 ahead. Have been some very poor wides though.
Any idea how strong the wind is? On the TV it does look worth a fair few points.


Shooting this away.


How galway missed that goal I don’t know. Somd problems in the full back line.


Great save in fairness!