Dublin U21 Club Hurling Championship




Is that Shane Howard from Fingallians on the Dublin Panel?


Could be not to sure that’s why I was hoping to get information to see if anybody was watching the game, hopefully they ain’t badly injured


The reason we are seeing these injuries is because we are throwing boys into action against men. Expect to see a lot more of this next year.


Na Fianna beat Crokes 18 points to 15. Congrats to the Mobhi men!


I could not agree more.


Just found out it was Shane from fins done his ankle in and young Ryan from craobh I think done his knee in. No such thing as a winter break feel sorry for those lads wish them both speedy recoverys


So much for player welfare etc etc etc.
I can understand players wanting to get a run for the Dubs, but, as has been said, the season is far too long, and DCB need to get their fingers out and start protecting Club players or there won’t be anyone left to fill the County Panels.
What happened to the rule of no County activities in December. It’s a joke.


Development panels are outside the rule!!!


That’s ridiculous. Should be all out.


I hope you and or your club speak up loudly at Convention this week. Could be an interesting meeting…


Not that Im trying to gloss over the county stuff, but Shane Howard played in a playoff with Fingallians only last week.

There have been lots of league playoffs and with the 21’s stuff still going on right up to this week, whats the difference??? College hurling has just stopped although some are still training. The season is way too long and that’s not the county teams fault.


Ino what your saying but there comes a point were you have to say as a county we need these players not throwing them in I’m sure all them young lads want to do is impress and play county for Dublin, I’ll give those lads another few years and I can gaurenty you they will be sick off the game and the contunious strong commitment required.


Not good enough players getting treated like this in December I had no opinion on cunninghan up till this but now I feel he has to go


How do you feel about Davy Fitz and Derek Mc Grath


But those lads are playing Club in December…whats your point???


Understand clubs are still playing into December,but, our player was injured playing an inter-co development game mid-week coming up to Champo Semis.
IMO any player still involved with Club games should be left finish out the season, not get called into Co Challenges.


Players just out of minor playing against a team of seasoned senior hurlers is going to lead to injuries
We have players getting to play very little club games so allow them play for there clubs not for a manager that can’t keep the team together


They used as many of their senior panel as they could not a team put together from minor and under 21 and would take either over what we have in place


The teams they are playing against are doing much the same thing…playing lads that are just coming into the senior set ups.