Dublin U21 Club Hurling Championship 2017


Sylvestres vs. Barrog in the C Final

Na Fianna just keep stacking up U21s and Minors, incredible.


What’s the current track record in football and hurling at minor and U21? Unprecedebted success


It will eventually come good for them. Incredible underage success from one club.


I thought the game was 50/50 until the end and Boden stayed well in the game until the end despite being a player down for the last 15 minutes although a lot of their 2nd half scores were from frees with Boden’s keeper superb from frees and the penalty. Bodens yellows were deserved due to constant pulling and dragging off the ball as well as on the ball but I think the ref should of clamped down on this earlier. Moving Barrett into the half forward line was the winning of the game for me as he got a few brilliant points and won a lot of ball.


A well deserved win for Sylvesters yesterday. They put in an awful lot of hard work, they hassled and fought for every ball. Best of luck to both sides in the C final.


In hurling I think its four minor A titles on the bounce, and two under 21 titles on the bounce as well.


C final is off tomorrow. Barrog “can’t field” it seems. DCB to fix another date for final. Throws the whole play or concede concept out the window


Fake news! Both teams have agreed to play the game on Monday evening.


Syls only agreed to play on Monday night because they didnt want it dragged out for another week. Barrog claimed they couldn’t field and threatened to not turn up today (nothing to do with AFL3 final tomorrow I’d imagine), Syls said they were happy with walkover but county board sided with Barróg and said they would fix a date if nothing was done. Shame for both teams that a final has to be played on a Monday night in December


Change your moniker to defensiveboarddelegate


Sounds like CCC made yet another cock up and then broke their own rules


Sylvestres won the C having been a good few down at half time, not sure they even scored from play in the first half actually. Barrog were very reliant on Cillian Costello.


Was a very good game although a bit stop-start. Game was level at HT but Syls looked dead and buried when Barrog got a goal to go 6 up midway through the 2nd. Syls then scrambled a goal and kicked on from there.

Presume Costello was number 10? He is a great hurler. Quick and good in the air, sweet striker of the ball and scored a couple of lovely points off his left in the first half.


That’s him alright. Think he is in with Gilroy’s setup at present.


Syls #12 looks a good prospect. He took some fine frees.


Yeah 12 scored a load of frees against us. Congrats Syls, they were three great wins, quarters semis and final.