Dublin U21 Club Hurling Championship 2017


Wow that is very impressive considering their catchment area is not huge like some other teams fielding two teams.


How did the Geese get on Marv?


Moved to Monday night in Broomfield - both teams have players involved in playoffs in the morning


Whitehall had some very nice hurlers there for a second team at under 21 level.


Finbarrs beat Ciarans by 8


Great win for Boden v Brigids.
Thought brigids tried to run everything which went against them. Think Johnny McGuirk over Brigids. Nail in the coffin for him if so.
Best player on pitch was brigids 9. Fabulous player. (What’s his name?). But over ran a lot. Like most of the Brigids players.
This is a very young Boden team. May not have done well at minor but showed balls today when needed.


Was it O Sullivan?


I know a few here that rate him(mcguirk). But hopefully hes not ever considered for Dublin senior hurlers.


Haven’t met many who did rate him


No. But O Sullivan had a decent game.


I didn’t rate him with the Dub minors. And after today I’d rate him less.


Slys beat the geese tonight. 4-2 at half time!


Would that U21 team of yours make up the bulk of first adult team Marv? Horrible conditions for a game no doubt.


About 11 are on the first team panel


Young enough adult team so. Keep up the good progress. Best of luck in the AHL8 playoff.


What score did barrog get?
Would they be in the wrong grade?


Beat Olafs 2.18 to 1.11


I would say that possibly both Barrog and Setanta could be in the wrong grade looking at the scores they have put up so would have them as favourites to win the semi finals


Agreed. Both should be in the B. Barróg will Be missing young Costello this weekend, that might not suit them.


I would agree that Setanta would give any of the teams in the B semifinals a game, our problem is numbers & also that was where we were graded. The question could also be asked why the likes of Whitehall & others are playing in the B champo.