Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017




Mearnogs were in Minor Div 2 last year and would have been relegated from Div 3 in 2015, if there was such a thing!
A club that’s struggling at every level unfortunately.


Great insight, senior footballers in the playoffs of div 2 last year, just missed out on play offs this year, and got to the B semi finals losing to Boden by 2. Sounds like we’re really struggling. Yes we’re struggling in hurling, but that’s cos my age was the first minor hurling team the club had in about ten years.


If you’re struggling to field at U21 in C Championship!! Only adult team outside of Division 2 team lost all 13 league games this year. Its not good for a big Club with its own defined catchment area.


Since when is Naomh Mearnog a big club? The population of Portmarnock is 9,285, with a large portion of that being elderly people. That doesn’t constitute a large catchment area in any mans language. This year is the first time we ever managed to field two minor football teams in the league. As if U21 is any indictator of the overall club picture.


That was the 2011 census


Yeh and no new houses have been built in Portmarnock since


St Marnocks Way ???


None of them are finished yet


RTL bet Clontarf in the B


I hear Skerries hammered Castleknock. Very impressive.
They will be hard to beat now.


Margaret’s beat mearnog by 8, they shouldn’t have been in the C!!! Margaret’s won with plenty of grace anyways too…


Why not?


Well because Mearnog shouldn’t have been in C apparently, so obviously the team that beat us shouldn’t be either :joy:


What Witty says is true, Portmarnock became a retirement community after last property bubble as few young families could buy & settle with property prices so high. Preliminary 2016 census data shows almost no population growth and 2011 results were the same. Also from the latest preliminary report - “Portmarnock North had an average age of 44.2 years in 2016 compared with 42.5 in 2011, up 4%. Portmarnock South had an average age of 40.4 years in 2016 compared with 39.5 in 2011, up 2.3%.” The demographics are stacked badly against them and only one secondary school where GAA is a third or fourth sport. The club is actually punching above its weigh in Senior Football IMO. It really is not a Large club, the only thing Large about it is the land they have.


It’s not like there any different to any other Dublin clubs bar Na Fianna Vincent’s , crokes , boden and Lucan


Add Cuala to that list


I think the demographics are worse than many other areas but I get your point. My point is that the posters who thought Mearnog are some superclub and should be competing in at least B level tournaments haven’t a clue.


Closer to Trinity Gaels in fairness !!!


But what parish is it in?