Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017




Saturday December 2nd, 2017
Under 21 A Football Championship s/f St Mobhi Road 14:30 Na Fianna v Cuala


When are next rounds for B and C divisions ?


B semi finals are fixed for Saturday 25th with the Final on December 2nd

Skerries v Castleknock
Round Towers (L) v Clontarf

C quarter final between Ballyboden v Towers © & semi final between Mearnog & Margarets also on Saturday 25th.

Semi final between winners of Ballyboden/Towers v Nh Fionnbarra on December 2nd with Final on December 9th


Ridiculous playing our semi a week after our quarter final, when one of the quarters hasn’t even been played.


Good idea. Drag out the fixtures.


Winners will have to wait for the final anyways, cos yanno, one of the quarters hasn’t been played. Both semis should be the same weekend


So you’d rather wait around and play the game in the 1st week of December? Semis are played on different weekends all the time.Doesnt make a difference.


Yes. I’d rather have less of a gap between the semi and the final.


So you’re definitely winning I see :smirk::thinking:


Talking hypothetically of course :wink:


You must be a man after my own heart. i.e. loving the heavy pitches and slugfest matches!


The under 21 c championship quarter final between Ballyboden and Round Towers in on the 29th November at 7.30pm in Sancta Maria


How come if its play or concede no matter what one of the semis will be played before a quarter final…was the quarter final now fixed for the 29th originally fixed for this Saturday 25th??


its u21 so the more its fuct up the co board might get away with scrapping it. its still probably the most popular albeit short lived grade amongst players


Is that a joke. Looking for easy glory out there at this grade yet again I see. Same every year I remember when your club would pride it’s self


Was spaeking to Mearnog man today and reckons they will beat Margarets ‘out the gate’, they should not be in the C


Sorry but the two above posts are absolutely ridiculous. As I said we only beat Ravens by 5, we only had 17 out at the game, we had 8 at training last night. Doesn’t sound to me like a team that’s walking the C, as for talking t a mearnog man who said we’ll beat Margaret’s out the gate, you were in your hole. Can guarantee nobody involved with the panel has that opinion, especially as we still aren’t even sure if we’ll have 15 players. Imagine still so being jealous over a club winning a bloody C championship last year that you’s have to make snide remarks.

If we shouldn’t be in C, then either should’ve ravens considering they ran us so close. Ridiculous ridiculous comments and some lads would want to cop on.


Look at the Dublin Mayo thread, you won’t find much cop on here around this time of year


Mearnogs have a minor team in divison one who have no games left and pretty sure they’ve had decent minor teams the last 2/3 years are you telling me they can’t get more then 20 of those lads toghter ?