Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


Any times or venues for these . All others seem to be up bar the a


Saturday November 18th, 2017

Under 21 A Football Championship s/f St Mobhi Road 14:30 Na Fianna v Cuala G. McCormack
Under 21 A Football Championship s/f Pairc Uí Murchú 14:30 Ballyboden St Endas v Thomas Davis R. Malone


Should be two good games, good to see two of the better refs out there doing the games


Trying to get the ref onside :wink:


Missing the match so have to do it now :slight_smile:


In your opinion!




Boden bt Davis well


Margarets beat Isles in the C


RTL beat Raheny in the B.


Clontarf win in the B championship


Mearnog beat ravens in C, some said it was a quarter, others said semi, I’ve no idea :joy:


From what I hear Mearnogs should not be in C


We only won by 5 and had 17 lads togged out, perhaps we’re at our level.


result fir fir cuala na fianna in the A




He’d a dose of “the fir” when typing that.


Any result for the game , I know you’re getting old Rochy but surley you got what I meant


Surley? Not me! If you’re going to have a go at me, at least read what you type before you post.


Wasn’t played