Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


It’s a shambles. You also have teams with 5 week gaps between fixtures at this time of year


Maybe as bad Jan-Feb not Mar-Apr although it does depend on the year. It’s not just that though, I think that all players should have Nov, Dec and Jan off. Some only get Jan off which is a digrace.


true… I have played December football for the last 3 years and then back into back into pre season end of January grim stuff.


You got a break so. A lot of clubs start back at the beginning of January :grinning:


now now, haven’t you got a game or two to be thinking about this weekend :wink:


All matches are refixed for Saturday November 4th


Anyone have any insight into the favourites for the B competition, ive seen a few comments on the A and also about teams in the C that should be competing in the B


Tomorrow’s Clontarf v Olafs (B Championship game) has been postponed due to bereavement in Clontarf.


St Brigids 1-12 Castleknock 2-12


Isles beat Na Fianna by a point in the C


Skerries 1-13 st Mary’s 0-10


Jeasus we won a Junior championship on 23rd of December before a massive crowd, the biggest at a junior championship game up to then. It was a replay played in Swords between Maurs and Harps which Maurs won. Mind you it was 1951


Finbarrs beat Anne’s in the C


[quote=“Lefty1, post:113, topic:2660, full:true”]It was a replay played in Swords between Maurs and Harps which Maurs won. Mind you it was 1951

Ha good man @Lefty1

1951 was also the last year Mayo won Sam … and were given 16 All Stars …


Clarke probably got the the 16th.


And Leeroy did not get one hahaha,


When is the next round(s) of this scheduled?

Is it impacted by “adult” teams playing in playoffs/champo’s etc


Play or concede regardless of participation in other competitions


Sylvesters 0-11 Thomas Davis 1-12 in A championship, played tonight in Broomfield


21A semis to be played sat week
Na fianna v Cuala
Ballyboden v Thomas Davis