Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


None of Ballymun’s Senior panel were involved in either of the U21 panels on Saturday.


Actually, I’m completely wrong there !


I’m shocked.


When are most of the games to be refixed for ?


Christmas Eve


Many a true word spoken in jest.


no its a sunday this year so left over for stephens day


Looks like the bank holiday Monday


We tried to get a 21 B hurling championship final played on December 21st a few years ago. Both teams agreed to play but the County Board refused it. Strange bunch how they organise fixtures sometimes


No gaelic games played in the month of December afaik…


Wrong! Fins and olafs played there playoff final last year in December. So did ballyboden and crokes.


Stand corrected…always thought there was a rule regarding the month of December and no games


There should be. The about of weeks in the summer there’s no games played. The county board should really organise fixtures better.


You can’t play games with no players


I know players have to have time off for holidays etc. But there’s too many weeks in the summer when there’s no games played


Is there? Possibly 3 weeks in August with no games of either code I’d have thought


4 weeks with no games in august. No need for that long.


Quite the opposite. There are too many games in the summer IMO. There were divisions with 2 league games played by mid May and then the other 13 played in 3 months. There are too many lads away during the summer to schedule the amount of fixtures that are currenty scheudled. Get rid of Wed/Sat setup and play max one every Friday night.


Well I agree there should be more games played before May. It doesn’t really matter what way they work it out once every league is finished by November or at least December anyway. It’s a disaster playing games that late when pitches are in a mess.


Yeah I think there should be no regular season league games past Mid November. But when people say the pitches are bad that time of year, just as likely to be bad from Jan-Apr!