Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


In fact the more I think about it, Mr Bannigan must have had faith in you in the past and you
failed, hence the negativity from you.


I’m sure Mr Bannigan is well paid to give up his free time!!


Lads can we stop the personal bashing and concentrate on games . Easy insult people but harder to go out and do job urself . I would like to do it everyone is an expert . Brolly , dunphy don’t see them putting neck on the line to manage teams . Stick to the actual football


I wouldn’t I meant


Here here


Anyone who employs Paul Mannion as a quasi centre half back needs their head examined in my view
Last week was one of the poorest Crokes teams I’ve ever seen . On a road to nowhere
As regards ballymun I wonder did their u21s play ?


Ever successfully managed a team yourself Bart?


I have actually . How about you ?


Of course you have, you’ve been to the moon and discovers penicillin too… nah don’t think many teams are looking for 20 year olds as managers, I coached a team of 6 year olds during our mini leagues last summer, does that count?


I’ve got my next Moon trip I’m the new year with Elon . Do you fancy it ?
Failing that if you go to Amsterdam you can always go to the Moon gor free :grinning:


Does anyone know if draw predetermined


Other clubs should be delighted Gabriel is with Ctokes


Was Brannigan taking 21s too? Thought it would be a separate management team - it is in most other clubs. Anyone basing the performance of management on a 21 team needs their head examined. The competition is an afterthought and youre lucky if you get players a handful of times before the first game.


Brigid’s beat Balinteer in the B Championship


I’d imagine it;s based on a 3 year term at senior level and achieving zippo


Of course, it was an U21 competition.


How much did Paddy score?


What are you talking about, it’s an U-21 competition. Of course they are all under 21. Which Paddy are you talking about now? Carr? Christie?


Think they are probably overage :blush:

Paddy small of course :blush:


unfair comment on players. there were plenty of mistakes form both sides due to the conditions but the better team won