Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


agreed that’s a good idea.

with the new structures these dates could work next year

but currently it’s utterly shambolic with the adult championships and leagues still in motion


will there be a marked change in club fixture dates next year?


There will have to be I’d have thought . Yo have a full month extra to work with


It’s a great competition, sure there’s some minors playing hurling this weekend, if there’s minors players that don’t hurl, of course they should play 21 football


Adult games committee look after both teams in our club, 21s managers work closely with senior managers, so it wouldn’t happen that you’re asked to play for both. Anyways, I’m not in the country so won’t be asked to play for either :joy:


Comparing 21s Champ to RW cup is nonsense. If i was player a u21 A title would be in my eyes the 2nd most prestigious prize you could win in Dublin club football behind an SFC title.


Then you’d be living with Peter Pan then do

Completions some years have 5 teams in them . They are jokeshop


8 teams in A, hardly prestigious. Great tournament to play in do. As mentioned earlier should be early in the year were it won’t clash with the business end of the adult year


Cuala vs Vins off


Davis v syls off too


Na Fianna beat crokes by a point


Surely Bannigan is gonzo now

Boden best ballymun


Isles Vs Na Fianna called off in the C


Pats donabate 1-11 v 2-03 st. Jude’s in the B Champo


Clontarf beat Fingallians in B


tough, intense game between Crokes and NaFianna today in very rough conditions. It was level at half time and Crokes had the wind in their favour in the 2nd half but Na Fianna scored a goal, We brought it back to 1 point but found it hard to break down their defense.
Players from both sides gave it their all and really seemed to enjoy playing the match so this competition is still worthwhile!


St Marys V Skerries Harps in B Championship called off by referee after pitch inspection


1.16 to 1.10


Bannigan there for another 3 years…


Grow up will ya. Poor performances from players who think they are better is not Mr Bannigan’s fault. Time for people like you to do a little more for your Club instead of mouthing about people who give of their free time.

Ballymin lost by more today and I don’t see comments about Paddy Carr or his time left with da Mun…

Shame on you