Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


Just on u20?does anyone if u20 comes into play next year at club level or just county


Only county


Timing of u21 is an issue and it can drag on sometimes till the new year but I think a lot of u21s love playing this championship as they are back playing with lads from their own age group


The rules of the U21 Competition are that the game times and dates are set by DCB and its play or concede. No changes to fixtures issued are entertained… unless pitch unplayable and no alternative


all games going ahead weekend?


I’d imagine walkover central


Very unlikely due to weather I would say. Lots of rain tomorrow and on into Saturday


Lots of teams praying for rain I’d imagine


Looking at the adult fixture list unless some teams are planning on using their minor teams exclusively it will be interesting to see who actually plays


Lucan already conceded to us in the C


Will the na Fianna minors be allowed play seeing as there in a minor semi final next week?same with Davis and Cuala ?


It’s a waste of a competition and it’s actually forcing some players to choose between teams within their own club. Which is fairly unfair on young lads.

I think there was a proposal to run the 21s competition off in a Feile like competition and have it over in one weekend. I presume the idea just got binned


Should have been binned years back . This competition is pointless . It serves no purpose anymore


Except you know the actual players who play in the competition really enjoy it. But sure why would we take players opinions into account?


So you as a player have two matches of equal importance at the same time. What do you play?


I play whichever one I’m asked to play.


It’s like the railway cup - a non event .


And you are asked to play both?


Can’t imagine any minor teams risking their players


Would be far better served playing it at the start of the year and you might get a few lads coming back into the fold who will then play for the year