Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


C final now in Abbotstown at 3.30 on Saturday


A final result: Na Fianna 2-11 Ballyboden 0-09


What a club … :+1:


What’s the recent record now in U21 and minor?

Unprecedented success. Can’t but tip your cap to them.


Well done na fianna, tbh I fancied ballyboden for this championship


Shame about your seniors :wink:


Well done to St Margarets winning the u21 c championship.


Things haven’t even reached a peak yet … there’s Room to Improve …


Ballyboden would have done similar around 20 years ago.

Some going all the same, will have to come good at some stage for them at Senior in at least 1 of the codes.


Boden never had this level of continued success had they? At both codes?


Did the minor double around 96/97 & u21 double a year of 2 later. Won 3 or 4 in a row minor & u21 hurling around that time as well.

Never did the double in both in the same year tho. Unbelievable achievement really by NaFianna.


This particular Na Fianna group are simply outstanding,won everything at juvenile league/championship all the way through to u/21 today if I’m not mistaken.
If Na Fianna sorted themselves out at senior level they’d dominate for a number of year but it’s a big “if”.


I believe JCs annual report on the roll of honour will say winners are Na Fianna unless otherwise stated. :grin:


It’s out Tuesday by the way. So prepare for some interesting articles on Wednesday!


Senior is a different matter, they are miles behind Vincents, Ballymun, Kilmacud & Judes in terms of conditioning and physicality IMO


They’re not. They’re 3 years max away from a dublin SFC title.

Vast majority of these lads have played on county teams at some level. The S&C foundation is well there


Na Fianna will win a senior title within 5 years. Once they get a player pathway in operation as they’ve had awesome underage teams


Na Fianna won 3 in a row u21 Football Championships from 2011-2013 & currently still don’t look close to winning a SFC. Underage success doesn’t guarantee Senior success.


There not that far behind.


What club are you with???