Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


Any result from boden and round towers clondalkin?


Boden won by 5/6 points. A well drilled team.


Was cuala na fianna played yet in the A semi?


Mobhi Road this Saturday at 2.30.


Best of luck in the B final today. Would be huge


Brilliant :tada:


Na Fianna 1.12 Cuala 1.9 in A semi final


Congrats to a club and bunch of younglad going places


Well done Towers, fully deserved their win this afternoon. Hard luck Harps.


Assume Con didn’t play? He would be worth at least 3 points to Cuala


Boden by 7 today… meaning they will play mags in C final?


Con and Jake Malone didn’t play today.


Well done to towers. Great achievement


Great match. Great bunch of young players


Any word on where the C final will be on next week between Maggie’s and Boden ??


Well done to Towers. Wasn’t able to get out to the game but heard the better team won. Fair play


Ballyboden St Endas play Na Fianna in the Under 21 a championship final in O Toole Park on 9th December at 2.30pm and Ballyboden St Endas play St Margarets in theunder 21 c championship final at 11.10am on Sunday 10th December. hon the boden.


Why has the u21 C final been moved?


Maybe so Ballyboden supporters can go and support both teams?


Best of luck chief