Dublin U21 Club Football Championship 2017


It is just one new estate and not exactly high volume housing, maybe 100 houses max. It will provide opportunities for Mearnog to attract new players but the big opportunity will be when all the land between Portmarnock and Baldoyle gets built on and NAMA etc. are ready to go with this.

If Mearnog harness this in years to come it might benefit the club as a whole greatly but Trinity Gaels are only down the road and Baldoyle GAA are starting underage development again so there is always competition within easy reach.


@something_witty You need Jackie Hughes out of retirement to shake this up again. Played both your Hurlers & Footballers at u.14s this year, granted the results didn’t go their way,but certainly great attitude from them and some good prospects for future.


Mearnogs are a good club but the argument being used that they haven’t a big catchment area as a reason for being in the c or losing to Margaret’s doesn’t stack up surely they’ve a bigger pick than Margaret’s have



I was defending the nonsense argument that it’s a big club is all.


Big catchment area is misleading. The demographics and population density of an area are much more important that the size.
Like saying cork are the biggest county so should have the best teams.


Margarets are very strong , the underage level in there club is very good seems like theyll be set in a few years time … from what i heard they were even missing a main player against mearnog and still won easy


I think it was mentioned by SW himself that Mearnogs should not have been in the B. I said the same about Isles myself. Both in last year’s C final. The population of the area has nothing to do with the ability of the players. Both teams should have went up to the B to try and step up a level. Both teams hid down in the C to try win a handy medal and got beaten by a better team in Margarets.


Why don’t you try and be provocative :roll_eyes:


Dual players. Can’t play two games in two codes on the same day!!


Played very well, even though Sheppy tried his best for them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!
Have heard the final will be played in Skerries, is that right?


Fixed for Garristown. As ‘B’ Hurling final was not neutral it was assumed that Football would be the same & it would either be in Skerries or Lusk.


makes the fixing of the u21B hurling all the stranger


Certainly does


Sylvesters have home draw for C Hurling Final!


Must be just home advantage in hurling


As far as I remember Sylvesters were in top half of draw and Barrogs bottom half. Thus home advantage!


Whitehall came through the top half of ‘B’ Hurling as well so that must be the logic.

I’m not complaining that the ‘B’ Football is neutral by the way.


It will probably be in O’Toole park!


Hid?.. if we lost in the C to Mearnog in the final last year and Margarets this year how are we hiding not exactly beating teams out the gate in the C??


If you reach a C final in one year, have the same players the following year your aim should be to move up a level, not stagnate.