Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


You could say the same about Colaiste Eoin. They pull from all over Dublin. We get lads from other parishes too. A lot of schools do.


I doubt that Colaiste Eoin, or indeed any Dublin school, gets many lads travelling long distances simply for hurling. And in Eoin’s case the Gaelscoil aspect would rule out most lads. If you regard yourself as a very good hurler in Kilkenny then Kierans is where you want to go, so they get a lot of the best hurlers from all over the county and beyond e.g. Tipp’s Eoin Kelly. So, as regards hurling, Kierans are not just another school.


But they are a school. And it’s a schools competition.

Unless we’re going to introduce a parish rule for schools this is a pointless conversation. IMHO, and in particular with minor moving to U17, the Dublin Colleges have served their purpose. Not sure they are required any more.


Not unlike the Dublin senior championship which was the subject of a lively and lubricated discussion last night in the pub.


Why do Kilkenny CBS contest so well then


I don’t think it is particularly important if Dublin Nth should be in this or not. What is important is that the Kilkenny minor panel would include nearly as many Kierans lads as Dublin would Dublin Nth ones (well not from now on because of the age differences, but historically it would) and Dublin Nth are better. So at this particular age group you could extrapolate that we are the same or better then KK, that is not a bad place to be.


Have you factored in CBS who got to the semis?


Yep, they would add a few more to a Kilkenny team and Dublin Nth beat them too.


Who beat Dublin south? I think it was dub north.


Dug this out of the parents house after reading about combined teams v school teams. This is the programme from the 1999 Leinster final. Kierans had more clubs represented than the combined colleges team. So these schools are near enough inter county teams as is. Even a couple of multiple All Ireland champions who could not get a game for Kierans which shows how high class they were/are. To be fair, Dublin had a few future All Ireland winners too, albeit in a different code



It’s a good way for KK to develop their inter county teams if they have all their future stars in the same place.


They will minor hurling all ireland this year.


Things never change with our dual woes…only 2 of them went on to have careers as dublin hurlers whilst 4 of them chose football for dublin. To be fair to kierans back then most of the good hurlers boarded. Who was the last well known non kilkenny hurler they produced…it must have been Brian Carroll and he is 35 so i dont think that argument stands. The problem for us is all of the kids in kilkenny play hurling and all their pals probably hurl where as in Dublin we have pockets of areas where we get hurlers and for all the decent underage guys we lose 90 percent of the top dual players.


Eoin Kelly


Hes older than Carroll…not by much maybe a year or 2 id say. Theyd a huge advantage back then…the gap has closed considerably. Interestingly kilkenny havent produced as many wizards since they stopped the boarders. Tj is probably the last(hopefully :slight_smile: )


Lads - what’s our chances this year at minor? Showing Amy promise ?


Ciaran brenann will be the next wizard.watch him for this years minors.




Same as Flannanns in Clare - attracts every hurler with ambition from far and wide.


Top Oil Leinster PP Sch Juv H “A” Dr Barry Cup League

Feb 8th 2018
Dublin South 1-16 St. Kieran’s 3-11
Dublin North 1-18 Kilkenny CBS 1-11

Feb 13th 2018
Kildare Schools 1-05 Laois Schools 0-21

Feb 14th 2018
Offaly Schools 6-17 Westmeath Schools 2-09

Feb 16th 2018
Westmeath Schools 7-12 Kildare Schools 6-03

Feb 20
Kilkenny CBS 1-10 St. Peter’s Wexford 1-10

Feb 23rd
St. Kieran’s 1-10 Good Counsel 1-09

March 08
League QF
Kilkenny CBS 3-09 Dublin South 1-08

Weekly Fixtures
Wednesday Apr 18th 2018

Top Oil Leinster PP Sch Juv H “A” League Semi Final
Eire Og Gaa, Carlow (4.00 pm) Dublin North v Good Counsel

Does anyone know how did Dublin North get on in this last week?