Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


At least they cover it


Presumably from the programme.

The schools would have been interesting to see too!


Search me guv …


Very disappointing that they were listed by club rather than school. It’s a schools team at the end of the day.


Number 23 for Dublin north started Ryan he started centre forward


Leinstergaa give the team that started and a good description of the game


Yeah that’s hugely disappointing. Massive.


It has really taken the shine off the win for me :grinning:

Good spread of clubs all the same.


I think they have always named the clubs when Dublin got to the final. Not that it really matters anyway. What clubs are the management with?


That’s not really important sneakers … what school are they from is far more important …


Two lads from Ardscoil contributed 1.10 to the total.


Go away outta that @alanoc … it doesn’t say it in the programme so it can’t be true … :joy:


There was a bigger spread of kilkenny clubs on Kieran’s


Super win, Congrats to all involved.


Just goes to show you they’re not your average school.


In an all-southside Dublin SHA final today, colaiste eoin beat colaiste eanna by 0-20 to 1-9…anyone know whether colaiste eoin were on their own in Leinster this year or did their lads play with Dublin south?
Great win for them anyway


Not in Leinster on their own anymore.


Us Northsiders were busy winning the provincial title


True…There won’t be a granny mugged for a week up there with all the celebrations :grinning:


A week? Three days maybe …